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Marco Bailey Releases Break of Day EP

There are very few people who stand the test of time with their music and passion. It takes absolute courage, doggedness, and drive to reach the levels of where this man has reached. Belgium producer, Marco Bailey, and his music have touched just about every corner of the planet. I speak with conviction when I […]

BE-AT.TV streaming live from BPM Festival 2016 | 6am

Thanks to BE-AT.TV we can experience the BPM Festival 2016 live from the comforts of our own home for the 4th year in a row. BE-AT.TV completely spoils us with high definition audio and video for a true 360 experience of the festival. Want to know if your favorite artists are going to be broadcasted […]

Joop Junior Releases Genesis 1 on House of God

It’s always nice to see when a techno producer has a release with more than just the main track and a remix or two. All in all we can say that’s become the standard in dance music for a long while now. Dutch born producer, Joop Junior, recently released Genesis 1, a full EP which includes 5 […]

Maddux- Zebra Walk EP

In the scope of underground house and techno music, it’s safe to say there are always primary names that come to mind. Think – Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Dubfire, etc, etc. These are the names we associate with the scene because, well, their names are not so underground. When we think underground, what resonates is […]

Best of: DJ Couples

When it comes to the life of entertainers in general, not just DJ’s, a good amount of the public perspective may think that these people (with their fame and recognition) indulge at the opportunity to sleep with who ever they want. When looking at the life of superstar DJ’s in particular, the assumption of that […]

Damian Lazarus Prepares New EP with The Ancient Moons

You feel the warm sand beneath your bare feet as the floor vibrates with the pulsations of the track filing the empty air. Eyes closed, mind turned off, and body feeling just right, you open your eyes to a wide desert off mutant hippies everywhere and a large robot looking stage with a mysterious looking […]

Track of the Week: Sonny Fodera & Gene Farris- We Work It

With all the festivities at this time of year, there’s always a few tracks that tend to be used over and over again. It’s not to be frowned upon, these tracks literally ignite the dance floor no matter how many times at any festival/club they’re played cause they’re just that good. From the deep forests of […]

Track of the Week: “Rebirth- Pure”

As it nears closer and closer to the end of the year, it’s important to take a step back and look at the past to acknowledge our roots, where we are in life, and why we are who we are as individuals today. When it comes to recollecting the past in a musical scope, there’s […]

Track of the Week: Black Sheep- “El Baila De Sopresa”

Black Sheep, based out of Orange County California, will be releasing their latest EP El Baile De Sopresa this November 2nd on Imune Records. Their sound and image is unique, depicting a very dark and abstract catalog as you scroll through their releases. It’s refreshing to see this brand of music being bred in regions […]