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Celebrate Black History Month with These Iconic DJ’s

Note: Originally published in February of 2016 and republished in 2017, this article is being republished today in honor of the amazing never-ending list of iconic DJs that have graced our scene with their illustrious art and careers. Since the beginning of time there have been countless individuals who helped shape the music landscape. In celebration […]

Essential Items for Your DJ Bag

From the international touring DJ to the local opener, a well-stocked DJ bag is a crucial part of one’s set up. We recently went through our respective bags and compiled a list of our personal DJ bag essentials. Take a look at these few items below, and pack accordingly for your next gig.

12 Open Air Venues You Need to Visit This Summer

If there’s one supreme thing to look forward to during the summer it’s open air parties. Warm weather and blue skies overhead as lush house grooves emit from the speakers – it’s a hard scenario to beat. Throughout summer it’s not uncommon to see open-air pop up parties such as Richie Hawtin in Plaça de […]

After Hours in Toronto: A Look Inside Comfort Zone

  “It was a magic zoo that we called home…Even after traveling the whole world, Comfort Zone is still untouchable for me. This place moulded who we are today as people and DJs” Carlo Lio Electronic music knows no boundaries. From the underground in LA to the super clubs of Ibiza, dance music will find […]

Q&A: An Interview with a Ghost Producer

The subject of ghost production has been a controversial one for years now. With electronic dance music reaching the mainstream over the past six to seven years, there have been plenty of tales of internationally-known artists using ghost producers to release music under their own name. It took a few years, however, before industry professionals […]

Global Vibe Radio: Joel Mull

“Techno keeps us young” These are words often spoken by esteemed Swedish DJ and producer, Joel Mull, and the sentiment transpires through his sets. Joel Mull has been at the forefront of techno culture since it’s inception, and can draw on years of creative and professional experience to create a unique and memorable atmosphere with […]

Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp Hosts Rave Culture Exhibition

From the United States to several countries throughout Europe, rave culture has always been a key component in the foundation of electronic music. Antwerp’s Museum of Modern Art looks to explore the development of rave culture in a series of exhibitions appropriately titled “Energy Flash: The Rave Moment”. According to the exhibit’s program, “Energy Flash […]

Your Complete Party Guide to Sonar/OFF Week 2016

Barcelona is the place to be in June. As one of the clubbing mecca’s of Europe, the city plays host to Sonar, and with years of the festival’s success it was only natural that it would grow into something larger. As a result, “OFF Week” was born. Throughout OFF Week there are hundreds of events that take […]

Amnesia Ibiza Issues Statement About Changes to Their 2016 Opening Event

The 2016 Ibiza season is officially underway. DC-10 recently opened with the famed Circoloco event, and many more of the island’s super clubs are preparing for their openings over the next few days. However, there is a level of anticipation and curiosity surrounding this season; certainly much more than years past. For starters:  Richie Hawtin […]