Australian Election 2022: ‘Dear Labor’ Attack Ad Gets Techno Remix

Author : Max Spruill
May 25, 2022

Australian Election 2022: ‘Dear Labor’ Attack Ad Gets Techno Remix

Scott Morrison‘s annoying ‘Dear Labor’ attack ad has been remixed into a catchy techno song by The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

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The Liberal Party’s latest commercial, which has aired non-stop on TV over the past week, revises lyrics from the nursery rhyme ‘There’s a Hole in the Bucket’ to rip into Anthony Albanese’s ALP.

‘There’s a hole in your budget, dear Labor,’ a sing-song voiceover says. ‘More taxes are coming, more taxes, more taxes, there’s a hole in your budget, dear Labor, a hole.’

A voiceover then claims the Opposition ‘hasn’t balanced a budget in over 30 years’ as coins are seen spilling from a hole in the bottom of a rusty ‘Labor’ bucket.
While the jungle has been slammed on social media as the ‘worst political ad so far’ this election campaign, there’s no denying Kyle and Jackie O’s remix is a banger.

Radio host Kyle Sandilands introduced the remix on Wednesday morning by pretending it had come from the prime minister’s office.

‘I just got a text message from the prime minister,’ he began.

‘”You’d be interested in the new track that I’m giving you to play first. My office tells me it’s a banger. (By the way, I have no idea what that means.”‘

The song kicks off with an echo-filled voice saying, ‘It won’t be easy under Albanese,’ before a pounding electronic beat accompanies the nursery rhyme-inspired lyrics.

The beat then drops and launches into a pumping, four-on-the-floor rhythm as the female voice repeats ‘more taxes, more taxes’.

‘I love it!’ remarked Sandilands.

His co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson agreed, and KIIS FM newsreader Brooklyn Ross even said the remix made him ‘excited for more taxes’.

Sandilands added: ‘Now imagine ScoMo shirtless with some orange hotpants on at ARQ [a Sydney gay nightclub]… yeah!’

It comes after voters ruthlessly mocked the ‘Dear Labor’ ad, with some saying it’s so annoying it’s driving them to vote for the other side.

‘I’d like a Royal Commission into that “hole in your budget” song ad. I don’t care who made it, I’m voting for whoever didn’t make it,’ one Aussie wrote on social media.

‘It’s worse than every United Australia Party ad combined,’ another agreed.

‘Will the “hole in your budget” ad from the LNP make even more people decide they need to be voted out?’ a third asked.

‘The anger whenever that ad comes on will be directed straight at the idiots responsible for it,’ a fourth said.

‘I think the Liberal party needs to ask for a refund from whoever came up with that absurd ad of hole in your bucket,’ another voter tweeted.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Liberal Party for comment.

Just days out from the Australian federal election and a dramatic shift in voter sentiment has seen the Liberals gain ground with the race now down to the wire.

Mr Morrison and Mr Albanese are now neck and neck according to the latest Resolve poll, conducted for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, as Australians gear up to head to the ballot box on Saturday.

Voters have eased back on their support for Labor over the last two weeks with the party’s primary vote dropping from 34 to 31 per cent, seemingly wiping away Mr Albanese’s surge in appeal earlier in the campaign.

Meanwhile, the poll shows Mr Morrison’s focus on economic policy and an concerted effort to paint his government as stronger on national security is paying off with the Liberals going from 33 to 34 per cent.

Originally reported by Daily Mail UK.

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