Auriga Redefines Her Sound on Latest EP ‘Underneath’

Auriga Redefines Her Sound on Latest EP 'Underneath'
Author : Matt Draper
September 15, 2021

Auriga Redefines Her Sound on Latest EP ‘Underneath’

Hot off the back of two huge debut releases on Second State and Odd Recordings over the past two months – not to mention an incredible livestream performance from Castillo de Atienza alongside Ramiro Lopez and Lilly Palmer – internationally celebrated Spanish techno sensation Auriga continues her hugely prolific run of Summer 2021 form as she unveils her latest huge EP ‘Underneath’, this time on the one and only I AM Techno (IAMT). Auriga’s impressive diversity as a producer continues to shine through, as she adds to her flourishing career discography with another huge dancefloor-ready weapon. We caught up with the flourishing Madrid-based artist to find out more.

Welcome to 6AM, Auriga! We’re already 9 months into 2021. How has this year been for you up until now?
The year started very quietly in terms of gigs due to the pandemic but with a lot of work in the studio. In March my first remix was released, “Space Return” to Hector Moreno on Eclipse Recordings and in June I debuted on Odd Recordings with “Paipah”. My track “This Is Our World” came out on one of my reference labels “Second State” and on September 17th my second EP “Underneath” will be released on IAMT on the Spartaque’s label. In addition, the electronic music scene is beginning to move in Europe and I have already been able to perform in several countries such as Portugal, Hungary, Poland and I will be in Switzerland shortly. I have also been able to participate in a very special streaming with Ramiro López and Lilly Palmer and soon another streaming that I have recorded to celebrate my new release will be out. Stay Tuned!

 6AM Premiere: Auriga “Suffocating”

For those that may not be familiar with your productions, how would best describe the type of techno music you make?

I would describe it as forceful, with minimal and psychedelic touches and very danceable. People also tell me that I have a very old-school style from the 2000s techno!

You are about to release your new EP ‘Underneath’ on IAMT. Congratulations! What can we expect?

I think I have taken a big step in production. I am looking for my style and redefining myself. The EP is techno with minimal influences but very strong and fun. It also has many harmonies since I have a background in classical music. I hope you like it!=

Do you have a long history with Spartaque? How did you connect?

He is an artist that I have always admired so much for his humility, work and talent. He always listens to new artists and takes the time to reply with his opinion. The IAMT group is one of the strongest in the industry and it is an honor that they have counted on me for their new release.

We hear you have a new livestream in the pipeline?

Yes, I am from Asturias in the North of Spain, a land of green meadows and beautiful landscapes. I have always wanted to record a set in my land and the guys from Submassea, who are great professionals, have given me the opportunity. We recorded it on the cliffs of Pimiango and I really want you to watch it, it’s very special! It will be out the last week of September to celebrate my new EP.

In your eyes, what are some of your biggest accomplishments/achievements over the course of your career?

My performance at Aquasella festival, in my land Asturias, has been very special since it’s a festival that I’d been attending in the crowd for 15 years. I would also name my new releases on Odd Recordings, Set About, Second State and IAMT, as well as my podcast for Awakenings Festival.

 Listen: Auriga Awakenings Podcast

What are your ambitions as an artist? Any specific long-term goals?

My ambition as an artist is to continue improving technically and bring out everything that I have inside. Keep making music and increase my creativity, enjoy every second of my performances and my achievements. I don’t have any specific club or anything in particular just to keep doing what I like the most and feel fulfilled for the rest of my life.

Talk to us about the techno scene where you live…

I live in Madrid and the electronic music scene is amazing. There are a lot of parties and clubs of many electronic styles from house to hard techno and industrial. Madrid is a city that welcomes everyone, super open and cosmopolitan, very proud of Madrid and its culture. Even though I’m not from here (I am from the North of Spain) they have always made me feel at home.

Are there any other up-and-coming Spanish techno artists we should keep our eyes on?

Of course! There are super talented people in Spain, I really admire the work that Dexphase is doing with his party and label: Blackworks, super talented and young artist. Besides the humility and charisma of Essan, Kuroi and Vendex, artists of dark techno and industrial with whom I keep great friendship.

I would also name “Peacock Agency” from my hometown in Asturias, who have always pushed techno in our region: Aida Blanco, David Mallada, Richi Risco, Hector Llamazares, Jairo Beltrami … And my friend Rosana Nun from Mallorca, minimal style with elegance and a great artist and person who has always supported me and other national artists with her radio program “Pata Negra”. I’m sure all of them will go so far!

Where can we see you touring over the next few months? Any gigs booked in?

I am super excited because the streaming I did in the cliffs of Pimiango (stay tuned) will be released soon. On September 25th I’ll be playing in Warsaw (Poland) alongside Anna Tur, in Lisbon (Portugal) on October 9th and in Geneva (Switzerland) on November 6th, plus other dates to be announced.

Any final words of wisdom for our 6AM community?

If you love what you do you will succeed! It’s been a pleasure to talk to you 6AM :)

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