Listen to an EP Made from the Sounds of Audiojack’s Mouth

Author : Lee Trotter
May 04, 2016

Listen to an EP Made from the Sounds of Audiojack’s Mouth


In their recent EP for 20/20 Vision, Audiojack proves that you really don’t need much to make heavy hitting club tracks. That said, it takes an immense amount of talent to make an EP with nothing but a kick drum and sounds produced from one’s own mouth.

All by Mouth features three cuts primed with organic texture while still maintaining a level of functionality for global dance floors. The three tracks, Fluent, Stutter, and Vowels clearly display Audiojack’s creativity by finding the balance between the natural sounds from their mouth and the heavy processing of vocal samples recorded for this session.

From the crispy high hats in Fluent to the low frequency bass stabs in Stutter, the EP is a masterclass in utilizing the tools at your disposal to make great sounding tracks. Aspiring producers…take note.

With early support from the likes of Clive Henry, Matthias Tanzmann, John Digweed, and James Zabiela, expect to hear All by Mouth frequently throughout the summer season.

All by Mouth is available Monday May 10th on 20/20 Vision