Audioglider Delivers Downtempo Bliss for ASTIR Recordings’ First Miami Collection

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 04, 2018

Audioglider Delivers Downtempo Bliss for ASTIR Recordings’ First Miami Collection

After a successful five releases, ASTIR Recordings delves into the world of the compilation mix for their first Miami collection. With 14 tracks from new and established artists covering everything from Ambient / Downtempo to Techno via Deep House and Progressive there’s something to pique everyone’s interest. The track selection began in earnest in early November. Slowly the tracks came in, all undergoing the same rigorous A&R processes, deep conversations between ASTIR and some interested parties began to take shape. One such conversation was with Bedrock resident and compilation mix ninja, Phil ‘Moonface’ Thompson.

Long-time friend of ASTIR, Phil jumped at the opportunity offering two exclusive cuts for the final mix:

“I do love the label compilations and wish more labels did them. I grew up on the Moving Shadow demos you could buy for 99p in HMV to promote all the releases. I see the same for a continuous mix…”

Having enjoyed over 20 years at the top of the UK underground scene, Phil seemed like the perfect choice to realize the ASTIR sound in mix form. Plucked from relative obscurity in his hometown of Southampton by John Digweed after he warmed up at a Northern Exposure night, Phil traveled the World for much of the 90s and early 00s with the Bedrock brand playing to some of the most musically diverse crowds you could imagine. Equally at home in the studio, his tracks have now become collectors items and feature on many compilation mixes, from Balance 006 to Global Underground’s NuBreed, as well as mixing a disk on Bedrock’s Layered Sounds with Digweed himself.

From the relative calm of Audioglider’s “Out of the Blocks” and “The Wolf” to the Soulful DnB of Drew Miller, ASTIR presents Miami 2018 is a different kind of compilation. Preferring the classic ‘All Killer, No Filler’ mentality, each track was carefully considered to reflect all the musical passions of label and contains exclusive output from highly regarded artists such as Sean McClellan, Bonzai regular Crocy, Axon and Gibbon label heads, Chris Johnson and Benwaa, the mysterious Valentin Valko and two new tracks from ASTIR boss, Simon Huxtable under his Real Gone Kid guise.

01// Moonface intro
02// Audioglider – Out of the Blocks
03// Real Gone Kid feat Katie K – Mi Corazon
04// Real Gone Kid – Max’s Groove
05// Benwaa – Figure You Out (Benwaa’s Alternate Version)
06// Crocy – Pathfinder
07// Valentino Valko – Coach Stop
08// Sean McClellan feat. Blaine Syfert – Spyhunter
09// Moonface – Satellite
10// Moonface – Incorrect
11// Avlis – The Reckoning
12// Drew Miller – Jomon-Sugi
13// Audioglider – The Wolf
14// Chris Johnson – The Little Things
15// Kill Them With Noise – Tundra

Astir Presents Miami is available on Beatport