Atroxx on Why Using Musical Aliases Allows for the Ultimate Artistic Expression

Author : Nadia Shamsedin
April 25, 2021

Atroxx on Why Using Musical Aliases Allows for the Ultimate Artistic Expression

Montreal-based artist Atroxx is a musical chameleon. Even though his techno project Atroxx has amassed a significant fan base in recent years, he never wanted to be constrained by just one genre. Within the techno genre, Atroxx created another alias Three Faces of Eve to explore techno without boundaries, creating a more experimental and aggressive sound. From producing techno to synth-wave, Atroxx lives by the motto “put the audience first.” The musical identities around each alias are completely unique and the music he creates with each alias are meant for different settings.  Some of the world’s biggest DJs and producers are well-known for their musical aliases as well. Maceo Plex has Maetrik and Mariel Ito. Eric Prydz has Cirez D and Pryda (and many more). Richie Hawtin has Plastikman, amongst a long list of others. These various sonic identities allow artists to open up worlds of possibilities and explore creatively.

Atroxx recently sat down with 6AM to give guidance on personal sonic exploration, finding success over time, and what the future in store holds for him. Creating music so many different aliases certainly takes dedication.

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“I want to play an event where I can show my full range to my fans because ultimately I’m proud of my different styles and how they all define me.”

Atroxx aka Three Faces of Eve aka Melora

Thanks for taking the time to chat with 6AM! How have you been welcoming 2021?

My pleasure thank you for having me, I’ve tried my best to enter 2021 with a very optimistic approach to the year.

What first got you into electronic music, and at what moment did you decide you wanted to do this as a career?

I owe my love for electronic music to my family and the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack. My father made sure music was a dominant part of my life at a very young age. Music as a career I knew very young maybe 7 or 8 years old but as for electronic music DJ / artist that came to me after seeing Danny Tenaglia.

How’s the techno scene coming along in Montreal? Has it changed much in the past 5, 10 years?

Montreal is a very dedicated/passionate scene, as I’m sure many would agree music is definitely embedded in our culture. It most definitely has changed over the past decade as big room raves have disappeared, the techno sound has evolved from groovier to more industrial.

From when you first started your career in music, what are some lessons that stick out to you?

So many important lessons, my top three would be, take people’s advice with a grain of salt, be your biggest fan (believe in yourself the most without feeding your ego) and work at your art 8 hours a day / never give up.

“I wouldn’t want to see Metallica and have them play pop.”

Atroxx on playing to your audience

What’s been one of the most challenging aspects of your artist path?

May be obvious and true for everyone but keeping hope during the pandemic. There were so many times I felt like giving up but my best art gives birth in despair.

You produce under Atroxx and Three Faces Of Eve, what inspired the projects? Do you think it’s necessary for artists to have different alias (if they’re looking to achieve different goals)?

Yes most definitely, I want to be sure my fans are always getting exactly what they want. I wouldn’t want to see Metallica and have them play pop. Three Faces Of Eve was created to make techno with no boundaries. To push the limits of what’s acceptable and challenge the norm. I also have an alias called Melora with Jess. Together we make synthwave. Another genre of music I really love.

Any releases on the horizon or upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Yes, very excited about them, I have a remix I did coming for The Reactivitz collab EP with Filterheadz and a single coming out on Analytic Trail, all under Atroxx. As for Three Faces Of Eve I just had an EP drop called “Shed Some Skin” I am also working on a vinyl release for Obscuur Records and I have an EP on He She They under Melora.

Are there any artists inspiring you at the moment or where do you draw inspiration from?

Most definitely, it may seem odd but a lot of inspiration lately has come from Sampha. His genius has no bounds, as well Anjunadeep’s Luttrell is someone else that has been constantly blowing my mind.

What’s one thing you’d like to achieve this year and one thing that you’re proud to have achieved as an electronic artist thus far?

I want to play an event where I can show my full range to my fans because ultimately I’m proud of my different styles and how they all define me. To allow my fans to experience them all in one night would be the magnum opus of my self-expression.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I just want to wish everyone love and hope, no matter what life brings.

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