Atish’s Top 10 Whirlwind Tracks for the Elements Festival

elements music festival lineup
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 08, 2022

Atish’s Top 10 Whirlwind Tracks for the Elements Festival

The Atish experience is dynamic, emotive, and ecstatic — intimacy and connection are the foundations of the Atish experience. The man behind the decks is more than just an entertainer, but a catalyst curator for mixes with deep melodies and sophisticated rhythms that cohesively morph into musical journeys. As co-founder of the Manjumasi record label, he has created an outlet for other artists’ music, as well as his own productions. His work has also found a home on prestigious imprints such as Anjunadeep, Kindisch, and Stil Vor Talent.

It’s no surprise that as a profound music collector, natural performer, and as someone who effortlessly creates intimate atmospheres and emotional, sonic experiences that Atish is gracing the Air Stage at the 2022 Elements Music Festival.

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In honor of their name, Elements Festival will be introducing their acclaimed four stages in honor of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Each elemental stage will introduce a variety of DJs, while the enhanced experiences of the stages will be designed to best represent the four earthly elements as well.

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Atish will be gracing the Air Stage alongside many that will whirl like the wind such as Luttrell, Seth Troxler, and Nicole Moudaber. With the festival coming this August, we can expect Atish to showcase a mix of deep, melodic, atmospheric, and emotional mixes that will no doubt be a profound experience. Be sure to buy the Elements Festival Tickets before they sell out. Enjoy these tracks that will be a taste of what to expect from Atish and other artists at Elements.

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elements music festival lineup

Listen: Melon “Air” – D.O.C Records

Yeah, I’m a bit on the noise here with the track titled “Air” but this track is just gorgeous. This one could fit after the sun goes down if I want to take the energy down a bit, but still give an emotional moment.

Listen: Evelynka “Need the Way” (Blindsmyth Remix) – IAMHER

Oof, this deep vocal tune just sends shivers down my spine. Those lush ethereal synths during the breakdown are CLASS.

Listen: Roy Rosenfeld “Skyhook” – Lost & Found

Melodic, quirky, bouncy. Great vibes all around. Roy is such a consistently great producer.

Listen: Audiojack “Stay Strong” – Dirtybird

Feel good marimba vibes here, but still, a pumping club feel. Great for a festival stage like Air.

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elements music festival lineup

Listen: Orlando Voorn “So Deep” – Kompakt

Honestly, this track is probably too deep for a festival stage, but I can’t not include it..and certainly lives up to the idea of an “airy” vibe.

Listen: Lily Pita “Run Away – Dub” – Bedrock

Floaty, synthy, feel good, lovely.

Listen: Johannes Brecht “Orca” – Siamese

Deep trance vibes here. Barely any high hat. But just ethereally gorgeous. Would be a victory if I can make this into the set. Let’s see where the dance floor lets me go :).

Listen: Luca Baccettti “Atlantic” (Extended Dub) – Endless

Perfect funky uplifting daytime groove. Hard not to move to this classic tune! Def hope to play this before the sun goes down

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elements music festival lineup

Listen: David Harness “We Got It” – Moulton Music

Disco influenced deep groove with strings. Would be great for the daytime portion of the set.

Listen: Carlita, Alonso Rivero “Exit” – (Children Of The Future)

Prog vibes, children singing, feel good all around. I might run out onto the dance floor if I play this so I can soak it in.

Listen: Atish’s Air Stage Playlist

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