Artist Spotlight: Grass is Greener

Author : DK
November 26, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Grass is Greener

Grass is greenerThe Grass is Greener on the other side, as the old saying goes. In this case, the other side is New York City. And the grass? Well, it’s the dynamic duo comprised of SR Serge and EBAR known as Grass is Greener. The two have a knack for producing deep house flavors with tech house grooves, and have become a staple in the ever growing underground scene. They’ll be gracing the decks at Frenzy Afterhours at Avalon Hollywood this Friday, and in preparation we take an in depth look at the duo and their work in the scene.

Both have been heavily involved in the music scene, most notably with their association and involvement with the iconic Sullivan Room in New York. Prior to the clubs abrupt closing it fostered a family style environment that placed an emphasis on the connection between attendees and artists. The club located at 218 Sullivan Street had an excellent run for about 12 years, and took risks while experimenting with bringing new underground talent to the New York scene. With any longstanding event it’s natural to develop a close relationship, and despite the club’s closing they have created an important bond between everyone and the underground sounds.

Esteemed artist Shlomi Aber had nothing but kind words for Sullivan Room saying “even though it’s a great club, Sullivan was not just a club, it was a family, and I am happy to be part of such a great family”. It is these types of comments that prove to be a testament to how great the place was, and how important people like Serge were to this establishment. However, the legacy of the Sullivan Room lives on through the creation of the record label, Sullivan Room Records.

Their hard work and dedication was clearly evident in the Sullivan Room, and that same passion comes through with the record label. There are many visions and goals for record labels, but Sullivan Room Records strives on showcasing and curating home-grown talent from New York. This isn’t to say that it is exclusively New York talent. The label has released tracks and EP’s from the likes of Florian Meindl, Marco Bailey, Zoo Brazil, and others. But it important to recognize the goal to have this as a platform for artists to express their sound, especially one that comes from the vibrant place that is New York City. Take a more extensive look into Sullivan Room’s online catalog on Beatport. As for Grass is Greener, they also are building quite a résumé when it comes to their productions and catalog.

Sullivan Room

Grass is Greener have had a steady string of releases on Nurvous Records as well as their home imprint of Sullivan Room. Namedropper is a monster of a track that is aimed directly at the heart of the dancefloor as a peak hour bomb. Tracks like Namedropper clearly show their techy side with flashes of minimal, but they’re versatile and know exactly how to keep it interesting in all genres and moods within underground music. Having this ability both in the studio and the DJ booth make them a powerful duo that know what the people need to satisfy their dance floor cravings.

In an article from about DJ’s in demand, Grass is Greener was featured and expressed that they “make sure to deliver a consistent vibration in [their] productions and DJ sets. We don’t want to confuse our listeners. Our sound has to be recognizable as our sound. People need to know that when they come back for seconds, it will be just as good or better than the first time – and in the same flavor”. The duo deliver just that in their DJ sets. Even when sticking to their recognizable sound, they manage to stay innovative and fresh in the industry. In addition to excellent releases on various labels, Grass is Greener also landed a top track on 7 Stars Music Ibiza 2014 compilation.

Clase Azul is absolutely loaded with summer vibes, but can be appreciated at any time of the year. At 115 beats per minute, the track is still loaded with energy with warm leads and organic textures that make this a stand out track on the compilation.

The duo can look back on many successful years both in productions and events, and the future remains bright for Grass is Greener. With more releases on the way, and a busy 2015 in the works you can be sure that they’ll continue to be influential in the scene. This Friday we want to give them a very warm welcome to our favorite afterhour in Hollywood at Frenzy. The dance floor will be in good hands as this amazing duo from New York shares their style with Los Angeles.