Artist Advice: How To Use Spotify To Get Ahead Of The Game

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 01, 2017

Artist Advice: How To Use Spotify To Get Ahead Of The Game

Guest post by entrepreneur and author George Goodrich. George co-founded and StudioSessions.Tv, two music-tech companies with bases in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. An avid techno and house music listener, George specializes in crafting innovative digital strategies to help artists thrive, with experience working dance music events in Australia, Europe and Mexico for The BPM Festival. His latest book Slotify Method: How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music dives into the growing importance of Spotify as a tool for emerging artists, with tools on how to gain millions of streams, make money off of Spotify and gain attention from labels and talent buyers. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


I just read an article titled “Guide to Dance Music Marketing” that touched on the subject of Instagram Bots (really?), SoundCloud Playlists and YouTube Playlists. The scariest part of the article was the “2017” in the title.

Today more than ever it is crucial to take advantage of the best and newest technology on music platforms available. 80% of people going to YouTube are looking for a specific song (not your music) and SoundCloud continues to irritate its creators by taking away key featuresBelieve it or not, Spotify is dominating in artist discovery and helping launch new artists careers.

Spotify is quickly becoming more and more popular in the electronic music community. Many artists have jumped on the bandwagon and are developing a solid and thriving presence on this relatively new platform. Artists like T.E.E.D., with his randomly titled playlists like “Office” and “Bedroom”, or Dosem with his regularly updated “Housestrike” playlist are gathering hundreds of new followers and generating thousands of streams. Even Marco Carola is dropping Spotify Playlists to promote Music On. Here are three key parts of Spotify that can get you ahead of the game.

Take advantage of the Spotify Rockstar Program

The Spotify Rockstar Program is a community of like-minded Spotify junkies who help answer generic questions for people like you. There are also thousands of curators for playlists and other very skilled people that can offer all kinds of knowledge to take advantage of every artist feature on Spotify.

Create your own playlists

Spotify is a community of listeners and fans. The people that use it use it a ton and if you can gain a reputation for making great playlists, it makes it much easier to succeed. Also the more followers you gain from the playlists the more fans you will have when you are ready to release your music.

Get on an official Spotify playlist

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 12.15.14 PMThis is the hardest one of the three by far. Getting your music on one of Spotify’s playlists can very quickly earn you millions of streams and a nice chunk of change from the stream revenue.

Keep in mind Spotify pays almost twice as much per stream compared to SoundCloud and YouTube. That’s a lot of revenue for your music. Take a look at the graph to the right to see how many streams it takes to earn one dollar. Also, Spotify highlights tour dates, includes direct links to buy vinyl records, and features a variety of data to their artists. It’s quickly becoming the most popular and artist friendly platform out there.


Spotify pays artists, there’s no argument about that. The days of paid digital downloads are just about over and streaming is the new norm. How to make the most of it? Get your music on Spotify, get verified and do everything you can to get on a playlist. Spotify is always building and improving their platform. Take advantage of Spotify now — the sooner you can get in, the better chance you have to build a strong following.

Do you use Spotify? What do you love/hate about it?


For more information, including useful Spotify tips for electronic music artists, visit George’s Slotify website here.

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