Are You For or Against Gender Equality in House + Techno?

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Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 08, 2021

Are You For or Against Gender Equality in House + Techno?

The fact that gender equality in House + Techno is a topic we still need to discuss in 2021 is in and of itself a massive red flag, and one we can’t keep ignoring or downplaying.

Personally, I know I owe everything to the women that have been a part of my life.

Since I was born I have had the luck and privilege of being raised by two wonderful women, my mother and my aunt, and to have a sister by my side. In my life’s journey I have had the fortune of meeting so many incredibly talented, kind, compassionate, hard-working women that have taught me how to be a better person and, altogether, have continued to open my eyes to all the good women provide in this world.

I know we all have different upbringings, but if there is one thing I know for certain it’s that women should be loved, appreciated and protected at all costs.

Women should be celebrated daily, there is no doubt about that, but today gives us an extra reason to not only do just that but also to think critically about our own thoughts and behavior, and how we can all do more and better to highlight existing gender inequality while celebrating women’s achievements.

I want you to ask yourself and answer honestly: are you for or against gender equality in House + Techno?

I have to ask because in the House + Techno world we are witness to the inequality women are subjected to, as well as to constant evidence of sexism, misogyny and, unfortunately, abuse.

It is on all of us, members of the House + Techno music community, to do our part to accelerate and achieve women’s equality in our lives and in House + Techno, by efficiently and vehemently curbing out any form of sexism and abuse that still exists, whether through the systematic way our industry operates or through real-life episodes of sexual abuse, online or in person.

When we challenge ourselves and the world around us we can then enact the needed change to bring about equality.

Today I urge you to think carefully about the role women play in your life and our society and to critically examine and challenge gender bias and inequality both in your personal life and in the world of House + Techno.

There are also small yet effective actions you can take daily to support women in our community:

Elevate femme-identifying artists by supporting their releases and content (such as streams, mixes, etc), even if it’s just through social media interaction such as liking, commenting positively and sharing!

Be alert to any form of sexism, misogyny and abuse against women online (whether they are an artist or a raver), and SAY SOMETHING if and when you observe it. Speak up, don’t remain quiet. Making self-serving social media posts a few times a year in support of whem when it’s convenient for you does little if you won’t stand up when the time comes to actually do something to highlight gender inequality in the House + Techno community.

Be an ally to women in the House + Techno space, especially at live music events where harassment and abuse still exists. Protect women, alert event staff of any abuse and do something about it yourself where you can.

If you’re an industry professional, I urge you to challenge yourself further, looking at ways you can support the roles of women in our industry through any channel you have influence in, as well as of course through bookings and equal representation.

And last but not least, I urge you to educate and challenge others just as much as you challenge yourself. It takes all of us doing our part to reduce the gender inequality gap so this conversation we are having today becomes one of the past, and for good!

Gender equality in House + Techno, and in society at large, should be a goal for each and every single one of us.

Please never forget: every day is women’s day, and every day is an opportunity to celebrate, elevate and support the women in your life.