Apple, Dubset Partner Up To License Streaming Mixes

Author : Micah
March 20, 2016

Apple, Dubset Partner Up To License Streaming Mixes

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As the world of streaming becomes increasingly competitive, largely due to market saturation and legal action on behalf of artists and labels, each company is looking for a leg-up to bring in paid subscribers. It seems as if Apple Music will be taking the metaphorical cake for the time being; the company has just entered into a partnership with Dubset Media Holdings, which will allow Apple to stream unlicensed DJ mixes and bootleg remixes. Launched in 2015, Dubset has developed and refined their MixBank technology,which analyzes tracks and mixes to identify the samples and songs used, for the purpose of distributing royalties to the (often multiple) copyright owners. MixBank also allows copyright holders to blacklist certain tracks or set limits on how often they can be used.

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“You’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars,” Dubset CEO Stephen White explained in a statement via International Business Times. “This is a huge day not only for the music industry, but also for DJs across the globe. We’re very, very proud to be able to support that community.” This is a big day for DJs and producers alike – the former can have their mixes heard without fear of takedowns or legal action, and the latter can finally be compensated for their works that have always been sampled left and right.