APHE’s ‘The Pack Survives’ EP Delivers Progressive Melodic Anthems

APHE's 'The Pack Survives'
Author : Daisy Magana
March 19, 2021

APHE’s ‘The Pack Survives’ EP Delivers Progressive Melodic Anthems

German producer APHE’s The Pack Survives EP dives deep into a wolf concept showing his alignment with Shadow Wulf Records. Drawing inspiration from the popular tv show Game of Thrones, APHE focused on the Direwolf theme. He sampled the vocal line “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives,” a sample he’d been yearning to use in a track for several years but was waiting for the perfect time.

The title track is a minimal, driving track with mystic sounds in which one can imagine a pack of wolves roaming through a forest with the light of a huge, bright, silver moon on a crystal clear night. The chugging rhythm is complemented by a sneaking half-step low synth melody, intricate effects, and eerie pads. “Isegrim,” the EP’s second track, is a darker and heavier stomper at first glance but shows APHE’s range with a fragile, melancholic touch as the melody and the brighter sounds appear. Gritty synths bare their teeth and show their strength in this fierce groove. APHE’s The Pack Survives EP closes out with “Nymeria” acting as a follow-up to the title track. It advances with a speedier and more aggressive bassline. A progressive melodic rhythm subtly gives energy and is accompanied by dark swelling pads throughout its entirety.

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6AM Premiere: APHE’s The Pack Survives EP

The Pack Survives EP marks APHE’s third release with Shadow Wulf Records, and his first EP with the label. The EP also features two remixes from fellow German and techno heavy-hitter Monococ, and Shadow Wulf label boss Aaron Jacobs.

About APHE

APHE is a producer and DJ based in Essen, Germany. His sets combine dark, heavy rhythms and driving baselines with a melodic, yet melancholic, touch. From dark minimal to techno, he creates an uncompromising club atmosphere, always varied and diverse. “It’s about the music and not about how you look or what you do. You don’t have to be in the spotlight, ” shares the artist when describing his love for music. What drives him is the sheer joy of music, performing and discovering new places.

He performs as a DJ and produces his own music. His sets and tracks are detailed, mystical, playful, melodic, bass-heavy, going forward. APHE has enjoyed international success in Poland at “Pötzlich am Meer” Festival, in Mauritius, and in Montreal, Canada. His music output is massive: almost every day a new track is worked on or created in his home studio in Essen. His music can be found on labels such as Subios Records, Soupherb Records, Music4Aliens, Anarkick, Copycow, AlpaKa MuziK, Evil Flow., and Mincode. APHE has many years of stage experience, from smoky techno basements to large festival stages. A well-balanced, warm-hearted person who can always tell a funny story from his colorful life. He is all about the music and the joy of sharing it with others.

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