Anxiety Causes DJ Skirt To Quit DJing

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 21, 2017

Anxiety Causes DJ Skirt To Quit DJing

The issue of mental health in dance music has been coming up more and more in recent months, finally moving from being somewhat of a taboo subject to one that is openly talked about and, consequently, addressed.

Texas-born Techno DJ Bethany DeMoss, who goes by the artist name of Skirt, has announced that she will no longer be DJing due to issues relating to anxiety. Making the announcement on her Facebook page, Skirt opened up about how anxiety has been affecting her career, “If the thought of an upcoming gig is making me actually physically sick and on verge of a nervous breakdown, then clearly something is wrong.”

Skirt received her start as a DJ in the late ’90s, later moving to England where she is based out of now. There she met Surgeon, Regis and Function, discovering techno and developing a sound of her own that gained her gigs at Berghain and fabric, with releases on labels such as Semantica and Perc Trax.

Skirt canceled her upcoming gig at Tresor, specifying why. “Somewhere along the way in my Dj life, I acquired some really hardcore perfomance anxiety,” she said, “just because I’m shit scared of gigging doesn’t mean I stopped loving techno. I still have my decks and all my records, so maybe I’ll post a mix online from time to time just to say hello. Might even see you on a dance floor somewhere.”

Read the full post below:

As Skirt herself stated, she will continue to work on music and mixes. With that said, here is one of our favorites guest mixes of hers for you to enjoy:

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