Antwerp’s Maxi Meraki Applies Taste to Talent

Antwerp's Maxi Meraki
Author : Nathan Christopher
June 04, 2021

Antwerp’s Maxi Meraki Applies Taste to Talent

Funky feels from Antwerp’s Maxi Meraki, targeting the Balearic hot spots he’s become accustomed to with deep, focused house composing suave vocals and pianos striding about the place with a splash of salsa to them. While there’s plenty of grooves as standard from the Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight and BLOND:ISH -supported spinner — springy bass, a warm blast of synths on a breakdown of calming motivation — Meraki builds an aura and gives the track time and space to explore itself, as per the knowledge-of-self lyrics.

Congrats on the new track “Way Too Long”. Can you tell us a bit more about the track and your release with artwrk?

I have been looking forward to the release of this Afro House track! With ‘Way Too Long’ I wanted to create a vibin’ funky Afro House track. This means creating a track that could be appreciated by different kinds of people listening to it, so as not to be pushed in one genre or style. For me, immediately when the track starts, it’s difficult to sit still. But not only the deep, piano, and house feeling gives it that motivational vibe for me, also, but the vocal also has a meaning. During lockdown and corona times many people were isolated and alone: building walls around them. So as the track title itself says: it’s been “way too long” since we all danced and laughed together!

It will be my first release on the artwrk label to which I’m really looking forward to. Not only for this release but also since this could be the start of a beautiful collab for the long term.


6AM Premiere: Maxi Meraki “Way Too Long” – Artwrk Records

Did you change your taste in music over the years? How did this affect your choice in tracks during sets and in the studio while producing?

I need to admit I changed my taste in music in the past years, even in the past months! When I look at my first releases they were more in the corner of (melodic) house and tech-house. But now with my new productions that are coming up and gigs in the future, I want to aim for organic and Afro-house. This means with a lot of emotions and melodies but also with vocals. This kind of music fits for me everywhere I go: in the car, at the pool or in a club. Just as long as the tempo or BPM is changed.

Which collab are you dreaming of to do?

As I was visiting Black Coffee’s last summer residency at HÏ Ibiza, I was mesmerized by the overall atmosphere and energy his gigs radiate. Not only the music and guest DJs were amazing, also the graphics on the LED walls and the light shows were outstanding. So, when you ask me about a ‘dream collab’ I would definitely say: Black Coffee! His last album was also a piece of art for which he did different collabs… so who knows, we could do one together!

What do you like to do in your free time next to music?

The people who follow me on social media see me busy in the kitchen often! I also started this food page during lockdown called @merakihungry__ on which I try different dishes and types of food. Mostly with few ingredients, trying to bring a proper presentation.

Unfortunately, I can’t eat and cook all day (haha); I’m also working as a graphic design and marketeer for other artists, brands and companies.

So, you’re busy all time! Any other new projects you’re working on? What can we expect in the near future?

The last months in the studio have been super productive. With the new sound in mind created some cool new tracks of which I can’t wait to release and share with you all!

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