Anetha and Sugar Drop New Music Video On New Mama Told Ya Imprint

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 02, 2019

Anetha and Sugar Drop New Music Video On New Mama Told Ya Imprint

Mama told ya is a new label founded by Anetha that focuses on sharing and collaboration as a creative engine. Designed as a platform of experimentations, the aim is to get everyone out of his comfort zone. In this new ring, the label redefines the limits and confronts the universes of each participant, in order to give birth to a new medium, full of diversity. Sharing as a desire for conviviality.

For the first release, Anetha is inviting the talented Sugar from Fast Forward Productions based in Copenhagen, and her good friend ABSL from Paris. MTY 001 is titled Don’t rush to grow up and features two original tracks produced by Sugar and ABSL themselves, and two other ones co-produced with Anetha.

More than just club-ready productions, every track is built like a story that you can also enjoy at home. Each piece is long enough to allow you to go through different states of feeling, atmospheres, and even be surprised by the evolution and new elements of the tracks.

The collaborative spirit reflects and animates the graphic part of the label as well. In order to inaugurate the first cover, Anetha invited the talented Helin Sahin who produced a magnificent futuristic piece of art. A precious and organic image that plays with perspective, space and matter. For the graphic identity, Mama told ya partnered with the great Diplomatie Studio team based in Paris.

It is the fourth track on the EP, “Candy From Strangers” from Sugar & Anetha, that now has its official music video.Sometimes techno, with striking synthesizers and energetic drums, but also trancy with an evolving and singular melody. Very fun and pleasant to play – you’ll see

Track Listing:
1. ABSL – Et Le Soleil Ne Vint Pas
2. ABSL & Anetha – Elles
3. Sugar – Vapouring Sun
4. Sugar & Anetha – Candy From Strangers

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