Andrey Pushkarev Picks The Top 5 Records From His 7,000 Plus Vinyl Collection

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 30, 2018

Andrey Pushkarev Picks The Top 5 Records From His 7,000 Plus Vinyl Collection

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Andrey Pushkarev has made a name for himself as a DJ thanks to his extensive 7,000-plus record collection and the uncanny ability to pick the right track for the right moment during his well-structured architectural performances. We asked him to peruse through his entire selection, a portion of which you can see above, to pick his favorite 5 records to share with his fans:

Andrey Vinyl

Herbert – Our Love (Has Got Me Movin’) (Phono)

The fine bitcrusher on some elements gives the track a warm mist. The classic and for me the best sound of Herbert. This release on Phono still sounds incredibly fresh today.

Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Hardback Dub Mix)(Paper Recordings)

It was a huge hit on Thursday parties at Propaganda club in Moscow back in the days. It still gives me goose bumps all the time I listen to it. It is straight up house music in my opinion and brings back a bunch a good memories.

Genius Of Time – Tau Ceti (Aniara Recordings)

Aniara is one of my favorite labels at the moment. I follow Dorisburg’s work and discovered him first in 2011 on Various Artists FAMILY HORROR (2X12) compilation on Kann Records. I bought all the17 releases on Aniara and ordered this record last month on Decks. I didn’t play it yet in a club but It is one of the vinyls I am bringing to the tour. I could see it as opening track at the beginning of a long set.

Underwolves – The Crossing Pt.II (Words) (Creative Wax)

I discovered this track recently. I was listening to a mix from Fabio & Kiss FM shows from 1996 and found myself dancing and bouncing in the living room at this track.

Callisto – Resistance (Guidance Recordings)

First time when I heard this track was in 2000 on radio Станция 106,8 FM. At the time I had just moved to Moscow from Votkinsk and this track was kind of supporting my mood. It was not an easy time of my life. Moscow is very different from the small town I grew up in and in this track I could find my inner peace.

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