Anastasia Gromova Appears on Heist Mode’s Compilation Vol. II

Anastasia Gromova
Author : Daisy Magana
December 16, 2021

Anastasia Gromova Appears on Heist Mode’s Compilation Vol. II

The multi-talented artist from Ukraine, Anastasia Gromova has only been in the techno scene for about four years and has made many achievements. She was the only female DJ to perform at ZOUND Festival. Her performance was so unique and memorable that she’s a returning guest for coming years. She continues to push boundaries in sound production, already releasing several tracks on the well-known European labels IAMT and IAMT Red, Black Nemesis Records and now Heist Mode

6AM Premiere: Anastasia Gromova “Keep Your Distance” – Heist Mode

Heist Mode is a techno record label based out of Toronto, Canada, bringing forth the new generation of artists to the rave scene. Anastasia delivers a dark, twisted, and seductive track entitled “Keep Your Distance” that will move your soul to the core. Its hardcore rhythm and bass are powerful with striking cords throughout the track. It’s featured on the new compilation, Vol. II.

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