Analogue Podcast #23 with Fandino

Author : Jennifer Liu
January 22, 2016

Analogue Podcast #23 with Fandino

Legends-Agency_Fandino_Web-Photo1Founder of Utrecht’s Unbounded collective and first resident of Wild Noize Amsterdam, Olliver Fandino is a self-made twenty-four year old techno virtuoso from Hilversum with an ear for quality music and a philosophy for throwing cutting-edge party nights representative of the Dutch vanguard.

Fandino invites us with his first mix of 2016, an hour-long meticulously curated techno journey for the Analogue Project based in Athens, Greece. With Analogue podcast #23, Fandino showcases the upcoming work of local Dutch talent and highlights the conscientious flow of his style with tracks by Berg-Jäär, Dax J, and Kwartz. The mix provides mind and body exercise through a gradual development of each track, providing an enjoyable experience that can go on for hours and hours when amplified on the dancefloor.

It will be difficult to stop once you start listening to Fandino. So let Olliver Fandino show you how techno is properly done.

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