Amsterdam Dance Event Arrives October 2022 for Five Days

Amsterdam Dance Event
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
April 27, 2022

Amsterdam Dance Event Arrives October 2022 for Five Days

Since the 1990s, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has transcended and transformed into an influential and educational gathering for electronic music. The event has hosted a variety of powerful musical genres and subcultures that continue to range from the experimental to mainstream. As a powerful medium, ADE strongly showcases all developments within the electronic music industry, and these developments have all impacted dance culture to this to day on a global scale.

The event dates will take place October 19-23, 2022.

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More than just an entertainment outlet, ADE also acknowledges its educational grounds within electronic music. ADE recognizes the strong hold that electronic music has within politics such as social injustices, protests, oppression, and even as a means to celebrate minorities and the LGBTQIA culture.

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As a means to provide an equal platform, ADE amplifies the passion behind electronic music more than just from a DJ speaker, but also through the voices and people that push ADE to be heard. ADE celebrates all forms of diversity, culture, and artistic expression with those that are willing to put themselves on the brink of uniqueness and individuality.

To suit your artists needs, ADE offers their conference and festival — both of which are educationally multifaced and lasts for five days and nights. For both events ADE offers all attendees and electronic music professionals a chance to find authentic inspiration. Below is an in-depth ride of what the festival and conference entails.

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Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE Festival

With over 2,500 artists that perform, ADE’s festival program covers all facets of the electronic music subgenres. In the day, the festival provides entertainment of all calibers such as dance music-related exhibitions, films, documentaries, dj showcases, gear master classes and artist MusicTalks — all of which span across Amsterdam’s five main districts. The festival also utilizes historical locations and unique venues across the city.

ADE Conference

The ultimate music business program if your into getting to know like-minded music professionals, aspiring DJs/producers and musicians, tech start-ups, brand marketing managers and much more. ADE’s conference program makes it THE place to be inspired and to inspire others that share your entrepreneurial passions.

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