Amnesia Ibiza Issues Statement About Changes to Their 2016 Opening Event

Author : Lee Trotter
May 26, 2016

Amnesia Ibiza Issues Statement About Changes to Their 2016 Opening Event

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The 2016 Ibiza season is officially underway. DC-10 recently opened with the famed Circoloco event, and many more of the island’s super clubs are preparing for their openings over the next few days. However, there is a level of anticipation and curiosity surrounding this season; certainly much more than years past.

For starters:  Richie Hawtin isn’t returning with his ENTER residency, Space has been taken over by Ushuaia, and Ibiza is implementing a new tax for tourists visiting the island, among other headlines. But what got everyone stirring late last year was the news that all clubs would be forced to close no later than 6:30AM. While this may be more than reasonable at clubbing destinations all over the world (generally speaking), it does not align with the ethos of Ibiza’s long standing culture in electronic music.

To drive the point home further, Amnesia Ibiza has issued a statement to notify everyone of changes to their opening programming. In years past the club has been allowed to go well past the normal closing time, but there are more rigid regulations in place this year that will cause the venue to be flexible in their scheduling for the 2016 opening. Amnesia Ibiza will now be opening at 4:00PM to abide by the new regulations while still conducting their famed 14 hour opening.

You can read the official statement below, and it begs the question – Which Ibiza club will be the first to go past new regulations?

The official statement from Amnesia Ibiza reads as follows:

We need your support!
You will never dance alone friends and promoters; We are Ibiza!

10 years ago, we had to fight alone against the schedule restrictions on the clubs and the “afterhours” prohibition in Ibiza, that supossed to us the sanction to close for 1 month in 2007.

At this year 2016 and trough the constant pressures by the institutions of the island, restricting the schedule´s clubs to promote other interests and having accepted and paid all the fines that have been imposed us and deny one more time the exceptionality of a morning schedule for the Opening.

Although don´t share the decision of the official institutions and before this drastic negative, Amnesia has decided to accept it and change their Opening time from 16: 00h to 06: 00h, producing 14 hours of music followed with new additions on the final Line up as Ricardo Villalobos, Pan – Pot and many more surprises to celebrate the biggest party that Ibiza has seen in a long time and will never forget; because, despite the continuous obstacles and disadvantages that put us on the road, we will fight that the magic continues in Ibiza and avoid that the music stops.

Finally, we apologize for the constant changes of schedule, due to external causes that have wanted to avoid the most important event of the summer that has held and affected many of you personally.


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See you on the 28th of May, family!