Opinion: America, This Weekend Go Out and Dance

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 08, 2016

Opinion: America, This Weekend Go Out and Dance

crowd-1056764_1920On a week where racial tension, violence and hate divides the United States, music lovers on all four corners of this beautiful country can find solace, refuge and warmth through the musical rendition of their favorite artists.

This has become a weekend where unity matters more than ever. Although we may be afflicted by fear, worry and confusion, there is arguably nothing more unifying, liberating and American than sharing dance floors with people of all walks of life, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or socio-economic background.

Whether you live in a metropolis the size of New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, a seemingly sleepy pocket of American suburbia or surrounded by the majestic diverse nature that is so unique to this country, I encourage every member of the electronic music community to turn up the volume and unite under a common umbrella of acceptance, love and solidarity. Visit your local club, go to a show, attend a festival or spend the early hours of Sunday morning in a dark warehouse listening to techno. And if none of those are options, invite friends over and throw your own party – be your own DJ.

Sharing music is sharing love. At a point where almost every tweet, Facebook post and meme seems to divide, perhaps the gift of music can help bring people together.

America, this weekend please go out and dance.