Amelie Lens & Other Techno Artists Raise Funds for Ukraine

raise funds Ukraine
Author : Kevin Ching
March 24, 2022

Amelie Lens & Other Techno Artists Raise Funds for Ukraine

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, many artists of the dance community have used their voice and platforms to speak out against the war. As the shocking news spread and the invasion continued on, many artists have taken their support further by raising funds for aid to Ukraine through a variety of ways.

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One such example of techno artists giving to the Ukrainian effort is Amelie Lens, founder of Exhale Records. Just a week ago Exhale released a full album compilation on their bandcamp entitled Together for Ukraine!. The album features many techno heavyweights such as ANNA, Wehbba, Paula Temple, Amelie Lens (of course) and many more.  According to the label’s bandcamp:

“All proceeds from the compilation will be going directly to the Ministry Of Social Policy (UA), who are currently channeling raised funds to support Ukraine’s citizens severely affected by the war by providing food & shelter, medicine, financial aid and more.”

Exhale’s effort to aid Ukraine

Support Music from other Techno Artists to Raise Funds for Ukraine

The support for Ukraine has also been embodied by many other music groups and artists. Beatport held their 20+ hour music marathon live stream event “ReConnect In Solidarity” to feature performances from world-renowned talent to raise funds for the Choose Love Ukraine charity. Artists such as Spartaque also used his label platform, Codex/IAMT Music Group, to give away merchandise proceeds to help Ukraine. Other music labels and music groups such as Stereo Hype Global, R3 Sound System, and many more have lent out a hand. Let’s not forget that 6AM, Synthetik Minds, and Dirty Epic and their event collaboration, RE/FORM, is also lending aid to Ukraine with their spring event this April.

Listen To Techno Artist XENIA UA Helps Raise Funds for Ukraine via Beatport ReConnect Livestream

It’s harsh reality to face that the invasion of Ukraine has an unknown end. However, the pursuit of peace and helping those in need will always be a part of the dance music community. Regardless of any genre or time period, dance music has always fostered a culture of acceptance and respect for one another. Music groups, artists, labels and more have, and will, make their voices heard that peace, love, unity and respect is the way to live with one another.

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