All in a Day: 6 Cute Date Ideas for LA Techno Lovers

Cute date ideas
Author : Skylar Schossberger
February 14, 2022

All in a Day: 6 Cute Date Ideas for LA Techno Lovers

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and that one techno track sounds especially good right now. You can’t help but smile. Maybe it’s just a really good day, or maybe love is in the air (the more you deny it, the likelier it’s true). Here are six cute date ideas that you can do with your techno boo in Los Angeles. Flying solo? No worries, these are things you can do by yourself too. Self-love is key.

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1. Go on a Morning Hike to the Iconic Hollywood Sign

Beat the afternoon sun and go on a hike with boo to Los Angeles’s iconic Hollywood Sign. There are various trails to the top, so you have free rein to choose your level of difficulty. Also, pack a cute picnic bag for you and bae. At the top, you can take in the view, eat some snacks, and enjoy the different sounds of nature on the way down.

3. Try New Foods at the Grand Central Market

Attention all foodies, make sure you go here with an appetite. The Grand Central Market is famous for its diverse vendors and cuisine. You and boo will have fun sampling the different meals and treats Grand Central Market has to offer.

4. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Nature is not only peaceful, it’s romantic. Take in the beautiful flowers and plants at any one of Los Angeles’s botanical gardens.

5. Eat at LAX In-N-Out and Watch the Planes

Did you know there’s an In-N-Out right by LAX? Grab a handful of fries, some sauce, and watch the planes touch down at LAX.

6. Dance the Night Away

Take a long romantic walk to the… techno stage. End an amazing day with a night of dancing. Visit a Los Angeles warehouse party with your techno boo, guaranteed good vibes all night long. Check out these upcoming techno warehouse events.