Alican’s Essential Turkish Top 10 Tracks

Turkish Top 10 Tracks by Alican
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 16, 2019

Alican’s Essential Turkish Top 10 Tracks

Istanbul, the ancient city on the shores of the Bospherus is the home of producer, label owner and party promoter Alican Yuksel. A key player in the city’s nightlife for many years, he is also a founding member of the ISOLATE collective who have been bringing the worlds finest DJs to play their exciting series of events in the Turkish city.

With his own Rosybar EP, Alican marks the first birthday of the music arm of ISOLATE. Over the course of 2019 and its five releases the record label has featured music from Ivory, Enzo Elia, Rafael da Cruz and fellow Isolate founder Murat Uncuoglu. With the music already popular with the likes of Tale of Us, Solomun, Lehar and many more, and with the 2020 release schedule already fit to burst, Alican and ISOLATE are set for their most successful year to date.

To celebrate the release of his Rosybar EP 6AM asked Alican to put together his Turkish Top 10 Tracks

Check it out:

Insanlar – Kime Ne (Honest Jon’s Records)

You probably know the Ricardo Villalobos remix but the original is a 24-min journey recorded in minimuzikhol with dirty Anatolian instruments & lyrics from 16-17th century poets, definitely top contender for Turkish Top 10 Tracks!

Orient Expressions – Kerkük Divani (Doublemoon Records)

Very nice music from my friends back in early 2000s Anatolian music meets electronica. Emotional!

Onur Özer – Orion (Vakant)

Onur was one of the residents in the legendary indigo club in Istanbul, his Red Cabaret EP on Vakant is one of my fav works of him, minimal and hypnotic.

Mutlu San – Leidenfrost (Petra Digital)

Mutlu San’s solo release on Petra is a nice stripped down minimal groove with trippy eastern melodies, making it an essential track for my Turkish Top 10 Tracks!

Yunus Guvenen – Red Pilot (Silver Planet)

Red Pilot on Silver Planet… Yunus was on fire at that time, I think this was the record/success that kicked things for him to tour all over the world with his music.

Murat Uncuoglu – Dummy (ISOLATE)

An important track for me as it’s the first release on our label ISOLATE that started things moving!

Yunus vs Subsky – Erotic Sumo (Red Flag Collective)

This was the first release from Yunus & Subsky’s label Red Flag Collective back in 2004. Need to put this thing into my bag :)

Avilo – Rubicon (eVapour8)

One of my previous projects I did with my friend Soner 15 years ago, still one of my faves.

Lin Pesto – SON EP (Tamar)

Mysterious producer/singer from Ankara, her latest album SON is really nice, all of the tracks! Recommended.

Ocean vs Orientalis – Tarlabasi (Bar 25 Music)

Safak – one of the exports from Suma Beach Istanbul to the world with his cool music. Very catchy.

Thank you for checking out my Turkish Top 10 Tracks!

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