Alessandro Cocco Releases New EP “Unsolved Case”

Author : Mark Grossane
October 04, 2022

Alessandro Cocco Releases New EP “Unsolved Case”

Out now is a  new techno EP titled Unsolved Case from a talented producer, Alessandro Cocco who hails from the Italian city of Rome, but has also spent a considerable amount of time in the UK. His stint overseas was not only to experience a new life abroad, but to study sound design, ultimately enhancing his creative process for music-making. Being able to use specialist equipment and sampling the known wealth of club culture in England’s capital must have been a valued addition to his process.

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Alessandro Cocco PR

Mind Games is the outlet for his newest release and it also features a remix from the owner himself, who is an established artist featuring on well-known labels like Berlin-based FLASH Recordings ran by Florian Meindl and American maestro Josh Wink’s Ovum for example.

There are five tracks included and there’s no fillers here, just mesmerizing, analogue techno in its pure essence. Raw with quite a classic sound linked to the Detroit forefathers one might say, Alessandro also weaves a contemporary edge with plenty of modular highlights to add a sci-fi sound inspired perhaps by labels like Jeff Mills’ Axis and Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection.


The opening cut “Unsolved Case” shows his solid approach with a thundering kick setting the driving force, while spacey accents, haunting bleeps and occasional droning textures all collide to make an energetic dance floor record.

The whole EP is definitely aimed at DJ use and he delivers such high-quality collection that all are absolutely club ready and remarkably outstanding.

You can buy one HERE.

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