AJH releases Minimoog-inspired Eurorack synth

AJH releases Eurorack synth
Author : Max Spruill
May 10, 2023

AJH releases Minimoog-inspired Eurorack synth

British modular synth company AJH has created its first synth.

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The MiniMod Keyz comprises three oscillator modules modelled on the original 1970 Minimoog, along with a ring modulator, a transistor ladder filter, two ADS envelopes and an LFO.

Each component of the synth is a discrete module, but everything has been installed in a Cre8audio NiftyKeyz Eurorack case with a four-octave keyboard controller, so it’s ready to play straight out of the box. The NiftyKeyz keyboard has an arpeggiator and a built-in LFO, and comes with custom American black walnut end cheeks.

AJHSynth is a small company based in Durham, England. It produces hand-made modules, mostly based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreated but often with upgrades and added features.

The firm’s MiniMod Eurorack oscillators have won praise for their close emulation of the Minimoog Model D sound. Bringing three together as the MiniMod Keyz offers Eurorack fans a highly flexible, three-oscillator mono synth that echoes the functionality and signal path of an early Minimoog but with added modulation possibilities.

The complete set up retails for £2,795, which is about half the cost of a modern Minimoog reissue.

Watch a video about the MiniMod Keyz.

The MiniMod Keyz is available now from AJHSynth for £2,795.

Originally reported by RA.