Parisian Producer AIROD Returns to Molekül with Fierce Debut Album “Burn Injury”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 08, 2020

Parisian Producer AIROD Returns to Molekül with Fierce Debut Album “Burn Injury”

Hailing from Paris, Dario Brkic aka AIROD is one of the finest incarnations of the French techno scene. Since he broke through on an international level in 2018 with his debut solo 12″ on Molekül, drawing instant support from the likes of Dasha Rush, Blawan, Randomer, Kobosil, to name but a few, AIROD’s kept forging his own strain of techno, both dark and muscular, blustery and tirelessly corrosive.

Burn Injury sees AIROD deliver his first album to date on French label Moklekül following previous work on Amelie Lens’ Lenske label, Dax J’s Monnom Black stable and his own Elixyr Records imprint. Founded in Paris in 2016, Molekül’s strength lies combining the freshness of young and growing artists with the imposing stature of established artists such as Perc or Randomer.

“The album is a kind of introspection into the life of a Man. With a dark & melancholic atmosphere, each track reflects an important stage in a person’s evolution and symbolizes different life processes such as learning, disappointment, sin. If we find the musical genres of Molekül’s predilections, the album’s atmosphere is much more black.
The omnipresent themes of death and suffering are often symbolized by sounds that echo several times throughout the album, such as the sounds of flames, or evocative cold vocals. Burn Injury is in fact a reflection on life through death, a questioning on how the artist perceives the way to be as alive as possible, haunted by the fear and lust of the human being.” – AIROD

‘He Tried To Survive’ kicks things off with a nostalgic trap track featuring gentle tones and haunting leads before ‘Cant Fuck With Rave’ offers up a real rave pumper, carrying a more optimistic symbol which is that of the awakening and the ardour of youth. Then follows the entrancing ‘Cold Ghost’ featuring a catchy melody, uplifting elements and striking drops until leading into ‘Don’t Trust The Human’ that progresses with driving oscillations, clattering grooves and tense synth flutters.

‘Hot Wheels’ is a fast and powerful Drum n Bass track, with acid shots and a real symbol of the temporal gear that damages us. ‘Burn Injury’ and ‘Enter The Chaos’ provide raw, violent techno tracks, with sharp sonics and dystopic leaning atmospherics. AIROD finds peace in a finally imaginary world that he defines as ‘Purple Paradise’ – an optimistic and soothing track, with futuristic synthesis over a breakbeat rhythm that rounds off this powerful yet intoxicating sonic journey.


He Tried to Survive
Can’t Fuck With Rave
Cold Ghost
Don’t Trust the Human
Hot Wheels
Burn Injury
Enter the Chaos
Purple Paradise

AIROD Burn Injury drops on Molekül on 27th January 2020 and is available HERE

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