ADE Green: Spearheading The Campaign For Circular Festivals World Over

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 07, 2017

ADE Green: Spearheading The Campaign For Circular Festivals World Over

ADE Green is one of the festival’s key programs, focusing on sustainability and the social components and innovation needed to make it happen.

In today’s world, with electronic music festivals getting bigger than ever and our scene impacting the world more and more every day, the need for sustainability and green initiatives is paramount. Presented by ADE, Absolut and other key ADE partners, this year’s ADE Green program seeks to tackle some key questions pertaining to these subjects:

How to become a circular festival?
How can you enhance the function of a main stage?
How can you eliminate the use of plastic at a festival?
How can art help ignite social change?
How can you implement green energy?
How can we use the newest sustainable innovations?
How do you communicate about sustainability?
How can festivals bring people together as one and embrace diversity?

Those and many more topics will be covered through a series of events that will take place throughout ADE week, which this year runs from October 18th until the 22nd. This fifth edition is all about how to stimulate innovation, sustainability and social change, not only within the music and festival industry, but with the objective of inspiring our audience to move out of their comfort zone in order to engage with the big challenges we all face. Art for Social Change is the name of the game for this year’s phase of the program, with the confirmation of Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova as keynote speaker, ADE aims to send a strong message and to kickstart a literal revolution in the way the electronic music world views the subject of sustainability. Other speakers confirmed so far include Arcadia Spectacular (UK), Sophie Thomas (UK) and representatives of Shambala (UK), Into The Great Wide Open (NL), Roskilde (DK), Glastonbury (UK), A Greener Festival (UK). Next Nature (NL), Climate Outreach (UK) and many, many more.

As we have covered in the past, Amsterdam festival DGTL is one of the festivals leading the pack in terms of circularity. This is why ADE is partnering with DGTL, whose staff mapped all of the event’s waste flows, both in order to improve DGTL’s approach to waste, and to use the results as a template for other festivals wanting to do the same. According to Milan Meyberg, sustainability manager at DGTL: “We believe that becoming circular is not something you can do on your own. We need to collaborate with other festivals and their suppliers to really close the loop, gain insight and improve the process. The more people work with the circular approach, the easier it gets. And this in turn will truly make a difference in changing our world’s perspective on what waste is. Plus it will eventually lead us to a place where there is no such thing as waste.” It is with this in mind that ADE has organized a specific panel presented by DGTL called Designing Out Waste: How To Become A Circular Festival.

Head here for a list of announced ADE Green panels. As of writing only 44% of the program has been announced and it’s already looking packed with interesting topics.

Date: Wednesday October 18th Venue: DeLaMar Theater

Tickets for ADE Green (35,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders.

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