ADE 2015: Must See Minimal Artists

Author : Lee Trotter
September 15, 2015

ADE 2015: Must See Minimal Artists

Minimal is arguably one of the most intricate genres within dance music. To the untrained ear or casual home listener, minimal might seem bland compared to other genres, but with the right artists on a proper sound system, minimal becomes a sonic adventure through ever-changing arrangements and lush textures.

ADE always boasts the most expansive artist programming of the year, with minimal artists having a strong presence throughout the week. For those in search of pure grooves and hypnotic soundscapes, here are some minimal DJ’s not to miss at ADE

Onur Özer

Onur Özur is a master storyteller. Utilizing records and the music at his disposal, he narrates epic tales of dance floor debauchery and uplifting cerebral moments that can only be felt in the midst of one of his sets. From his beginnings in Istanbul, Onur Özer has evolved into an international minimal powerhouse performing at the most esteemed venues such as Amnesia, Robert Johnson, GOA Club, and more.

Catch Onur Özer at VBX x What at ADE 2015

Onur Özer: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Beatport

Re UpRe-Up

Mesmerizing like a fine Italian wine, Re-Up keeps getting better as time goes on. Through label platforms such as Kina Music, Amam, Inmotion, and Dissonant, Re-Up has refined their style to eloquently embody the multi faceted dimensions of minimal.

Holding down a residency at Tag Club in Venice, Italy, as well as being key figures in the Music On roster, Re-Up are a minimal duo you won’t want to miss at ADE.

Catch Re-Up at PRJCT Music Festival at ADE 2015

Re-Up: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport


As one of the leading ladies in minimal, Magda played an important role in the development of the genre in the mid-2000’s. During that time, Magda released numerous EP’s on Minus, and was asked by Richie Hawtin to be his official opening DJ on tour. Through experiences like this, Magda continued to evolve as an artist as she developed a unique sound and understanding of music and electronic frequencies.

Catch Magda at the Geist Showcase at ADE 2015

Magda: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Beatport

Petre Inspiriscu Vinyl

Petre Inspirescu

A “must see” minimal list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of any Romanian artists. The genre has found a welcome and humble home in Romania, and there’s an incredibly talented community of minimal artists there.

Classically influenced at his core, Petre Inspiriscu fuses the sounds of house and minimal together to create a truly wholesome electronic music experience. When he steps into a DJ booth the dance floor becomes his canvas, and the portrait is nothing less than stunning.

Many of the Romanian minimal gurus will be present throughout ADE, but Petre Inspiriscu is sure to deliver signature minimal cuts to the conference crowd. If you’re looking for many of the Romanians under one roof, make sure to check out the [A:RPIA:R] Showcase at Dockyard Festival

Petre Inspirescu: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Beatport


DJ Nobu

Underground avant-garde minimal is one way of describing DJ Nobu’s style. With a dedicated passion and desire for excellence, DJ Nobu is holistic in his approach to electronic music. The Japanese DJ dedicated a tremendous amount of time to his craft, and crowds are always eager to hear what record he will pull out of his arsenal next.

DJ Nobu makes regular appearances throughout Japan at prestigious clubs such as ageHa, Air, and the legendary WOMB, as well as frequent trips throughout Australia and the Pacific. While he naturally makes trips to Europe throughout the year, ADE is a perfect setting to experience DJ Nobu in action.

Catch DJ Nobu at the Rushhour Showcase: Somewhere in Amsterdam

DJ Nobu: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook

Sonja Moonear

Sonja Moonear

Sonja Moonear always gravitated towards music long before being introduced to house, techno, or minimal. As a student of classical music during her Swiss upbringing, Sonja Moonear was an avid pianist before trading in the keys for a turntable and records. Through various projects and DJ sets, Moonear climbed the ranks of the international circuit, and now finds herself enjoying a life of travel while providing blissful grooves to dance floors world-wide.

Catch Sonja Moonear at HYTE ADE

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