ADE 2015: Must See Live Acts

Author : Lee Trotter
September 26, 2015

ADE 2015: Must See Live Acts


DJ sets can be magical, sure. But nothing really beats a live set between the artist and their respective machines and instruments. Whether it’s a producer taking his or her studio to the stage, or a group of artists coming together for live collaboration, there’s an undeniable energy in a live set that is transmitted throughout the audience.

As expected, there’s also no shortage of live acts at ADE 2015. Here are some highly recommended artists to add to your conference program.

Mathew Jonson

Mathew Jonson is easily one of the most respected live acts in electronic music. There are live acts, and then there are live acts. With Mathew Jonson you won’t find an APC triggering Ableton, rather, a 30 channel mixer hooked up to an array of drum machines, synthesizers, and electronic toys that work collectively to provide the musical makeup of his live show.

As far as electronic music goes, there’s something very humbling about seeing someone create music from scratch while in the event spotlight. Mathew Jonson will take his expansive live act to ADE this year, and as always, it is a performance not to be missed.

Catch Mathew Jonson at the Geist Showcase at ADE 2015

Mathew Jonson: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Octave One

Octave One

“We’re always exploring how we can push the boundaries of live performance into the mainstream dance culture, and probe the channels where we intersect with other genres of music. The fusion is starting to become more and more interesting to us” – Lawrence Burden of Octave One

Put simply…dance music would not be the same if not for Octave One’s musical contributions to the global community. Many will recognize them from their hit single Blackwater in 2000, which went on to sell over one million records world-wide, but their influence on the scene is far more profound than one major hit single.

There’s no club or festival that Lenny and Lawrence Burden haven’t seen. These two brothers from Detroit were present at a dynamic time both in the past and present, and continue to spread the good word with astonishing live sets that will leave you feeling as satisfied as ever. Their set-up is expansive and their creative vision is limitless – sounds like a perfect pairing for ADE 2015.

Catch Octave One at Dave Clarke Presents at ADE 2015

Octave One: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Kink Live


It’s intuitive. It’s engaging. It’s inspiring. It’s a KiNK Live Set.

Strahil Velchev, known as KiNK, is another live set not to miss at ADE 2015. Usually armed with his TR8 and an array of synths and gadgets, KiNK has an uncanny ability to create an inclusive electronic experience. If you’ve seen him live, or perhaps even videos, you may notice moments where the gear is lifted overhead with KiNK hammering away at different chords or drum fills. At the same token, there are moments where you see the Bulgarian artist completely immersed with the gear.

A true artist and performer, KiNK is becoming one of the most exciting live acts in electronic music. You might even see him break out his Hot Hand USB to wow the crowd with this new live technology.

Catch KiNK at OWOW ADE Sessions, ZeeZout ADE, and Straf_Werk at ADE 2015

KiNK: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Unforseen Alliance

Unforeseen Alliance

Unforeseen Alliance is a no nonsense techno group in the purest form. The group is comprised of French techno artists, Zadig, Voiski, Antigone, and Birth of Frequency, each bringing their unique expertise to the table when they perform together.

From performances at the famed Rex Club in Paris to appearances at major festivals, Unforeseen Alliance puts on a live analog techno performance that will rock the dance floor to its core. The French techno group will be in full force at ADE 2015, and if a raw sonic adventure sounds appealing then adding Unforeseen Alliance to your schedule is a must.

Catch Unforeseen Alliance at the Tresor Showcase at ADE 2015

Unforeseen Alliance: ADE Profile 



Each year at ADE Stimming is a live act that shouldn’t be ignored. Last year he performed on the extravagant 4D Soundsystem, and while that might not be in the schedule this year, rest assured his standard live set is more than impressive.

Often armed with a Moog synthesizer and various other sonic gadgets, Stimming is a swift producer who has taken his musical understanding and applied it to the dance floor.

Catch Stimming at the Diynamic Showcase at Loveland

Stimming: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Donato Dozzy

Donato Dozzy

We’re going to cheat a little bit on this one. One of the true Italian techno maestros, Donato Dozzy will be conducting a classic hybrid set this year at ADE. It’s a performance that touches upon many realms of electronic music, from the deep analog kicks to impeccably precise sound textures fluttering throughout the space, a Donato Dozzy set is the epitome of a journey.

Donato Dozzy will be playing a special after party at ADE this year. The Breakfast Club will open their doors at 7:00 AM and will continue with the music until 5:00 PM with Donato Dozzy, Peter Van Hoesen, Marco Shuttle, and Tom Liem.

Whether continuing on after a proper ADE club night, or waking up for the occasion, it’s certain that Donato Dozzy will procure a memorable soundtrack to the day.

Donato Dozzy: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport