ADE 2015: Must See House Artists

Author : DK
September 15, 2015

ADE 2015: Must See House Artists

Best of ADE bannerAs the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) gets ready to host it’s 20th anniversary in 2015, industry professionals and party goers alike are preparing for another incredible year.

This years ADE festival has more than 2,000 artists performing and/or presenting during the course of the event held October 14th-18th. With so many DJ’s to catch and parties to attend, we thought it would be helpful to highlight our favorite events and artists that are sure to deliver the electronic goods. We will cover many genres of music featured at ADE 2015 including Techno, Tech House, Minimal, as well as Live Acts, but this list is dedicated to the artists who spin House music. House music is a feeling and we have a feeling you’re going to want to see these DJ’s at this years Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.


Dennis Ferrer

New York City’s veteran house DJ, Dennis Ferrer, is one act that you should definitely check out while at ADE 2015. Founder of Objektivity records, Dennis has been a staple of the NYC underground scene since he first started performing in the 1980’s. Dennis has been known to throw down some very soulful tracks which is part of his signature sound, as well as energetic house jams that will keep you moving all night long.

Catch Dennis Ferrer at Thuishaven Sunday with Objektivity and 3000° Records

Dennis Ferrer: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud 



Swiss born Mendo is another one of our top House picks for ADE 2015. Even though Mendo’s sets have some range that can include tech house he is surely one to see if you’re looking get into some groovy house music all night long. As a member of the Cadenza family, Mendo is a major force within the electronic music community.

Catch Mendo at The Toolroom ADE Special 

Mendo: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud 



Moodymann should need no introduction, but this pick isn’t as widely known as others on our lists. Based in Detroit, Moodymann is the owner of Mohagany Music as well as KDJ Records, and has been schooling dance floors with his music ever since arriving on the scene. His unique sound can be recognized far and wide for those who tune their ear to the music. Funk, soul, fat bass lines, lots of samples, and of course his live MC’ing during his sets make for a performance that just could be the most entertaining set in Amsterdam.

Catch Moodymann at MyHouse x Our Society at ADE 2015

Moodymann: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud 


The Martinez Brothers

The Martinez Brothers are another NYC DJ duo that know how to throw down some serious House music. They started spinning at a very young age due to their fathers support and encouragement which stemmed from his days at the Paradise Garage. The Martinez Brothers have earned their place among house music’s top acts, and are well on their way to building an incredible musical legacy. Appearing at clubs and festivals around the world, ADE 2015 will be another worthy stop for the duo this year.

Catch The Martinez Brothers at Carl Cox & Friends and Circoloco at Loveland this year at ADE 2015

The Martinez Brothers: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud 

four tet

Four Tet

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet is another DJ that should be on your radar to see during this years event. Incorporating elements of jazz, acoustics, electronica, and really anything that he sees fit, Four Tet’s experimental sounds help push the boundaries of classic house music to a new level that should be heard on the dance floor. It’s always a refreshing experience listening to Four Tet in action, and we don’t except this to change at ADE 2015.

Catch Four Tet at Dekmantel x Hessle Audio at ADE 2015

Four Tet: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud

tim deluxe

Tim Deluxe

Tim Deluxe is a British house music producer and DJ that has released some very notable house music bangers since he came on the scene in the early 2000’s. It Just Won’t Do and We All Love Sax are just two of the hit singles he’s released throughout his career, but his musical expertise stretches far and wide. Be prepared for big vocals, plenty of horns, and an overall amazing house music experience if you can catch Tim Deluxe at ADE 2015.

Catch Tim Deluxe at Strictly Defected at ADE 2015

Tim Deluxe: ADE Profile | Resident Advisor | Soundcloud