Ableton gives away 90 Max for Live devices

Ableton Give Away
Author : Max Spruill
April 24, 2023

Ableton gives away 90 Max for Live devices

Ableton wants more Live users to build their own Max for Live devices.

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The software company has just released Building Max Devices, a course of in-depth lessons on how to use Max for Live, with a set of 90 free devices, plus templates to help builders get going.

The lessons come as short videos accompanied by Live sets where you can explore Max for Live and see how it works. All the free devices are customisable, so users can modify their functionality to teach themselves how to create new ones from scratch.

Among the devices are Filler, a MIDI effect that generates drum patterns; Snipper, which replays and pitches snippets of recorded audio; Bell Tower, a simple FM poly synth; and Macro Knob, a device that lets you control multiple parameters with one dial.

Launched in 2009, Max for Live is an Ableton platform that allows users to create their own MIDI patches, FX, sequencers and instruments for Live. Developers can sell their creations to other Live users or give them away for free.

For more information and to download Building Max Devices, visit this Ableton page. The pack requires Live 11 Suite or Live 11 Standard plus Max for Live.

Watch a video on Building Max Devices.

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