Q&A with Aardy – The Rising Talent from India

Author : Lee Trotter
September 03, 2015

Q&A with Aardy – The Rising Talent from India

Aardy Press1

“Musical influence comes in abundance. It could be from attending a friend’s gig, or just after I’ve concluded one of my own. It’s about feeling good from inside” – Aardy

There’s a rising pool of talent coming from Asia and it’s surrounding territories these days. One artist who is emerging on the global techno scene is Indian born and bred artist, Aardy. He has a knack for bringing dark melodic techno to the table, and it’s landed him appearances at major events throughout Asia as well as Sonar in Barcelona and ADE in Amsterdam.

Hydroza EP ArtHis sound caught the attention of Octopus Recordings boss, Sian, and as a result Aardy will be releasing his forthcoming EP Volte Face on the new imprint, Hydrozoa. Following a similar ethos as Octopus, Hydrozoa is focused on blistering techno rhythms with tinges of brooding melody that are sure to resonate well with global audiences.

As Hydrozoa’s principle artist, Aardy is coming out of the gate strong with Volte Face. The title track takes on a deep burning atmosphere locking in the dance floor for the long haul with an engulfing low end. Chasm takes a refreshingly hypnotic path while still maintaining it’s dark dance floor roots. The EP is completed with the final track, Vacuum. A rolling groover that, like a vacuum, will suck everything into it’s path.

Enjoy the previews of Volte Face EP below, and check the exclusive Q&A with Aardy to learn more about the rising Indian talent.

Release Information

Release Date: September 14, 2015
Label: Hydrozoa
Available on: Beatport

Aardy: Facebook | Soundcloud
Hydrozoa: Facebook | Beatport | Soundcloud 

Q&A with Aardy

Aardy Press 2Can you tell us a little about yourself? How did you gravitate towards techno?

Hello! I am of Indian origin, born and raised in Hyderabad, in a close knit South Indian family.

As a DJ I started very young in the mid 90s, playing friend’s parties or just about anywhere I could get my hands on the mixer. Back then, there was not much exposure & hardly or no money. Having held residencies at clubs later on, I used to play whatever was asked, from the days of retro, hip-hop, or Electro. I also played a lot of progressive house, which is probably why I still have the love for melody. Having done all that, there was this never dying hunger for more. Like I was always in search of something missing from within. That’s when I got my ears on to the deeper side, and it all changed.

Ahyderabad indiare you currently living in India?

Yes, I live in Hyderabad, India.

In what ways do you draw your musical influence from your surroundings?

Musical influence comes in abundance. It could be from attending a friend’s gig, or just after I’ve concluded one of my own. It’s about feeling good from inside. Could be a little sound from the corner of a street or a joke that you just shared with a bunch of friends, which instigates ideas! Influence also comes from some of the artists I have been following; from the international to the many friends I have within the industry around here. The drive comes from being true to yourself and having an open mind.

“Volte Face” will be coming out on Sian’s new label, Hydrozoa Records. What was the process like when recording this EP?  

Honestly, when I was putting these tracks together, I didn’t have an EP in mind. I didn’t even know if it was going to be signed. There have been some tunes I’ve put together before but haven’t had the guts to make others listen. The track Vacuum on the EP was the first one I finished. I liked it and sent the demo over. After I got some great feedback, I went on to complete the other 2 unfinished tunes. Hope it’s listened & liked ;)

What’s your studio space like in India? 

It’s a tiny space, very basic at the moment, nothing fancy at all.  I work on FL Studio 11 Producers Edition or Cubase, depends on what’s going for me on that day. Also, I use the NI Kontakt, routing it through FL Studio, EHX Deluxe Memory boy, a pair of Yamaha HS80M studio monitors, AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio headphones etc.

What are some of your favorite pieces of gear?

I’ll shortly start upgrading. There is always lots that you want around you, but for now I have my eyes on the Moog Sub37 and also looking to use the Adam A7 Monitors.

Do you have a “go-to” piece of equipment or plug-in that you used for “Volte Face”

The VSTs  I use are Sylenth, Minimoog, Massive, Z3ta Plus and Harmor. For Volte Face it was the Minimoog and Sylenth.

Aardy Octopus ShowcaseWe understand that you play frequently in Asia! Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, etc…Can you comment on where the electronic music scene stands in places like that?

Although it’s small at the moment in Asia, there are many promoters now believing in what everyone calls, “The Underground.” There has been this influx of some great International acts touring Asia in the recent years. 2015 has seen some big names already. It’s still an intimate affair, but well on its way to explode. There are also a few festivals & showcase events that are gaining huge popularity and in turn, contributing to the cause. Bangkok is special for me, more of my second home. It’s always great fun to be there and playing for a crowd, which is so responsive. The scene there has picked up at a steady and solid pace & I must also mention, its being well nurtured. Shanghai & Hong Kong are not very far behind and Asia is already on its way to making massive noise in the coming years. There are some amazing producers building their way up from Asia now too.

What are some of your favorite venues in those cities?

Aardy GLOW Bangkok

Aardy at GLOW, Bangkok

Arkham, Lola & Amber in Shanghai are a must-see if you are there. Lantern in Beijing holds the fort for techno and my most favorite is Glow in Bangkok.

Can you share with us some things you’re looking forward to the rest of this year?

I have a few gigs within India. October & November seems exciting with a Southeast tour most likely. December is a great season in Goa, so hopefully I should be there too and if things go as planned, you might see me at The BPM Festival. I have just about started writing the next EP too, and it’s always exciting to see how that shapes up.

For you, what’s the best part about techno?

Its not just techno or the sub genres, but about the sounds that you relate yourself with. I enjoy playing some powerful techno, as much as I enjoy playing a very melodic, hypnotic or emotional DJ set. The same goes with my production, it will revolve around keeping it rich, minimal, being subtle and absorbing in spite of sounding dark or propulsive. The aim is to be as expressive as possible. For example many would not call Chasm on the EP to be a proper Techno track compared to the other two, but that’s the way it goes!

The process of finding “the best part” is never ending and that’s probably the best part :)

Thank you so much for taking the time! All the best, Aardy!