A Rare Prince Cassette Sold on Discogs for $4,087

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 11, 2016

A Rare Prince Cassette Sold on Discogs for $4,087


Would you buy a cassette for over $4,000? You well might if you’re an avid Prince fan and the tape in question contains a catalogue of Prince rarities!

In fact, ‘The Versace Experience – Prelude 2 Gold’ just broke the record as the most expensive cassette tape sold on Discogs after it was secured for the modest price of $4,087 by a dedicated Prince fan back in August.

The tape includes edits and remixes, and was handed out to attendees at the Versace fashion show hosted during paris Fashion Week in 1995. 21 years after it was first doing the rounds, as a prelude to the singer’s ‘The Gold Experience’ album, it was snapped up for a value that is almost double that of the most expensive cassette previously sold on the website, a boxset of Throbbing Gristle music sold for $2,200.

Prince was active in the studio yet, despite an impressive list of releases to his name by the time of his death in April, it was revealed that he had so much unreleased music material that he could release an album every year for the next 100 years.

Prince Cassette


H/T: The Vinyl Factory