A Rapid COVID-19 Testing Service For the Events Industry Is Here

Rapid COVID testing
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 02, 2020

A Rapid COVID-19 Testing Service For the Events Industry Is Here

Swallow Events has just announced their partnership with healthcare company Roche, providing full rapid testing screening service facilities to detect COVID-19 at events throughout the UK.

Swallow Events promises to offer MHRA, CE and PHE approved rapid 15 minute tests through quick-turn-around pop-up testing facilities conducted by government-approved healthcare professionals. Further, they state that they will be able to provide this service for gatherings of on any size and scale, therefore enabling large scale gatherings to be held in a Covid secure environment.

As an alternative, Swallow Events also offer a supply only option for event organizers, and can ship worldwide.

The service will utilise the MHRA and CE approved test that produces results within 15 minutes with 96.52% sensitivity and 99.68% specificity.

Oli Thomas, Founder and Managing Director of Swallow Events, said to Mixmag: “We are very proud to announce we are the first events company in the UK to offer an on-site rapid testing service for COVID-19 in as little as 15 minutes, which, we believe, is a complete game changer.

“Our rapid testing kits – a market leader (which meets MHRA target product profile with sensitivity: 96,52% & specificity: 99,68%) used in conjunction with track and trace data-collection and other Covid secure protocols such as touch point and temperature checks will help event organisers in all sectors from large scale festivals, concerts, stadia, business conferences and trade shows through to agricultural shows and small boutique festivals. It will kick start a £39.1 billion contributing sector to the UK’s economy whilst helping to protect over 570,000 full-time jobs which are rapidly disappearing.

“Our mission is to support and lobby for events of all nature, working in close conjunction with local authorities and ultimately enabling organisers to open in a safe, responsible and COVID secure environment.”

This is promising news as we move towards a 2021 that should give us a COVID-19 vaccine plan and other SOPs to get live events back in action.

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