A Man in Florida Changed His Name to Kraftwerk

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 21, 2016

A Man in Florida Changed His Name to Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk record shopping

It is not entirely uncommon for huge fans of music to name their children after their favorite artists. But what about changing your own name to that of your favorite musician?

A Florida man has done just that, changing his name to Kraftwerk and documenting the process via photo-sharing site Flickr, leaving no doubt that he is a massive fan of the seminal German electronic music band that headlined Movement in Detroit this past May and is touring the United States again this coming September.

Kraftwerk ID

The photo album depicts the man wearing the same recognizable red shirt and black tie combo worn by Kraftwerk while performing.┬áThe pictures begin with the man’s new driver’s license clearly showing his name change, followed by several activities including driving, record shopping (for Kraftwerk vinyl obviously), having lunch, sharing a coffee, filling up his car with gas and yes, even sleeping all while wearing the same outfit.


Kraftwerk duks

There’s even a picture of Kraftwerk playing with a duck and her family of ducklings!

Source: Deep House Amsterdam