A Look Inside Nastia’s Record Bag

Author : 6AM
August 04, 2017

A Look Inside Nastia’s Record Bag

You can be that Ukrainian DJ and Propaganda records label boss Nastia has quite the interesting array of records in her record bag. In fact, she was enthusiastic in sharing what those records are in an interview with The Guardian recently.

One of these tracks is Robag Wruhme’s remix of MRI’s “Rejam,” a track she considers as one that was “unfairly slept on this year.” Further expressing her love for this track, she adds, “This is a bomb track for me – intelligent, full of details, techno and with a powerful energy. I am a big fan of Robag and I have never heard someone else playing it.”


Rod’s “Hor” is another record in the bag, which Nastia describes as “not too strong, not too noisy, but somehow it takes you out of reality for a moment… gentle but confident.”


“Paparazzi” by Brandt Brauer Frick is another favorite of Nastia, a track that gets to show her eclectic music taste to perfection. “It’s full of expressions, it is sexy, soulful, sometimes dirty, always touching with uncompromising rhythm. This is only a small part of it; if you go deeper you’ll discover life in there,” she pointed out.


She also showed pride towards her fellow Ukrainian musician and professional pianist Gera Taraman, boldly proclaiming her love for Taraman’s latest track “Claws Sharp”, which is actually being released by Nastia’s own Propaganda label.


Speaking of Propaganda, she expressed regret that one particular track she loves was not signed on her imprint: Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman.”

“The track is unusual, the music is futuristic and the way Laurie did the vocal is experimental and touching at the same time,” she explained. Having this one in her bag can be seen as the next best thing though.


The bag also revealed what Nastia would prefer to have as her funeral song: the Nina Simone classic “Feeling Good.” While it is not a really happy song, she appreciates the soulfulness and kindness it’s filled with, which reflects her outlook in life. “I want everyone to smile when I die,” she remarked.


You can check out her other records in record bag in The Guardian’s feature on the Ukrainian artist.

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