A Look Back At Tronic 2021 Releases

Tronic Top 2021
Author : Kevin Ching
December 14, 2021

A Look Back At Tronic 2021 Releases

As the world comes to the close of 2021, everyone can’t help but take stock of the highs and lows of the past couple of years. One thing is for certain. Through the lowest of the lows, music has bonded individuals as a community carrying them through the tough times and making their lives that much better. One such group that has provided dance music fans with such great music for decades, and especially this year, is Christian Smith‘s Tronic label.

Tronic is one of the longest-running and well-established techno labels that is currently active. The label has given us gem after gem this year; so here are Christian Smith’s highlights of the top 12 tracks released on Tronic in 2021 and why he chose them:

1. Christian Smith – I Want It

During the pandemic, I had some time to produce styles that I always loved but never made. So I started making a bunch of electro tracks. I really like this one.

Buy the track hereChristian Smith Instagram 

2.  Danny Wabbit – Internal Jungle

It’s no secret that I am a big supporter of up-and-coming talent. Istanbul native, Danny Wabbit is one of the main players in the Turkish techno movement. I really like his grooves and intricate rhythms.

Buy the track here | Danny Wabbit Instagram

3.  Diego Infanzon – The Revival

Diego is from Uruguay, South America. I really like his style. His tracks always have a good amount of energy, no matter if they are more housey or hard. This track is Detroit-inspired and always rocks the house.

Buy the track here | Diego Infanzon Instagram

4. Drunken Kong – Consciousness

I recently do. a big USA tour together with Japan’s Drunken Kong. This track is slightly E-Dancer influenced with their own trademark sound.

Buy the track here | Drunken Kong Instagram

5. Christian Smith – Atmosphere 

I always enjoyed making melodic party techno. This track uses lots of analog sounds and has my typical energy. It’s not overly in your face but sits nicely in my longer sets.

Buy the track here | Christian Smith Instagram
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6. Procombo – Falling Apart

Another Turkish artist making waves in the techno world. This track is slightly mental and sets a nice dark vibe.

Buy the track here | Procombo Instagram

7. Client_03 – Default Mode Network

Really awesome track. Elegant, unique, electro. Great artist!

Buy the track here | Client 03 Instagram

8.  Patrick Dandoczi – Shelter

Classic chord-driven Detroit techno from this Irish artist. The timeless style of track that always works on a busy dancefloor.

Buy the track here | Patrick Dandoczi Instagram

9. Ken Ishii – Dive (Oscar L Remix) 

One of Japan’s techno OG’s Ken Ishii has always had a close relationship with Tronic. Here we have Spain’s Oscar L stepping up for remix duties, delivering a simple and VERY effective floor rocker!

Buy the track here | Ken Ishii Instagram

10. Smith&Selway – Blink Of An Eye

I really enjoyed working on this track together with John. Classic dance floor electro the way we like it!

Buy the track here | Smith& Selway Instagram

11. Anna Reusch – Loose Your Mind

Germany’s Anna Reusch steps up to the table with a moody rump shaker! I usually play this well-pitched up and it really works a treat!

Buy the track here | Anna Reusch Instagram

12.  Ronnie Spiteri – Toxic

More on a housy tip, this one has a phat groove. Uk’s Ronnie Spiteri has amazing production, and I really like to mix up the techno releases with some more groove as well.

Buy the track here | Ronnie Spiteri Instagram