A Guide to Music Festival Packing

Author : 6AM
April 07, 2017

A Guide to Music Festival Packing

Music festivals are an experience in themselves. It’s not just the performances that makes them memorable, it is also about being there in the venue and relishing the atmosphere these festivals provide, whether you are there by yourself or sharing the experience with friends,

One important key element in having such a memorable music festival experience is making sure you have everything you need. As anything can happen, especially the unexpected, it is important to be at least prepared and know what to do given any circumstance that could arise. It is thus important to pack smart whenever you attend a music festival.

One of the challenges of packing for a music festival is that there are so many things to bring that it can be easy to forget the true essentials. Below is a list of items we suggest you always bring with you:

The Essentials

  • Trash bag – Not only you get to help the environment and maintain the cleanliness in the venue. A trash bag can also serve as a good poncho in the rain, a place to sit on, or a pillow where you can rest your head on.

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  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat, all very important ways to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight which can cause some uncomfortable sunburn.
  • Hand sanitizer to stay clean. More often than not, you don’t have access to clean water in the venue. Having a hand sanitizer is handy (pun intended) to make sure your hands are clean and free from germs.
  • Refillable water bottle because water is extremely important, especially in such events where you get dehydrated easily. Having a refillable bottle not only lets you source water easily from clean sources. It also keeps things sanitary too.

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  • Portable mini fan to cool you down. Convenient and very important during outdoor and/or hot festivals.
  • Portable phone charger and more than just so you can post on social media, it is important to keep your phone powered up so you can connect to others and vice versa, especially if an emergency occurs.
  • Ear plugs to avoid tinnitus. If you are located close to the speakers, having ear plugs protects your ears from loud audio that can ruin your hearing.
  • Advil/Ibuprofen to cure your hangovers or help with any other pain you (hopefully don’t) encounter during the weekend.

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  • Extra bags so that you can place your stuff in a more organized way with the help of some extra bags to bring along.
  • Emergency kit in case you encounter a medical emergency, it is good to have a first aid kit with you.Make sure it has some band-aids, medicine, gauze, and tape.
  • Extra clothes, as it can get hot in the venue and you need to keep yourself fresh. Having some extra clothes helps you keep fresh and look good too, even after a long day spent outdoors. Also make sure that your clothes are loose fitting for that extra comfort.
  • Towels to wipe sweat and dirt off your body, and to dry after a shower should you have a chance to.
  • Wipes for when you cannot shower but want to stay clean regardless.

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Camping List

A number of music festivals last more than a day. Rather than spend money on hotels, some opt to spend the night camping within the event grounds. It is n experience for yourself that you can try out. Just make sure you have the essentials mentioned earlier, plus some more items you would need:

  • Tent, of course

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  • Mallet or hammer to drive down the tent stakes to make your tent sturdy
  • Sun shade, because you will regret not bringing one when the morning sun hits your tent and you can’t sleep after a night partying until 5-6am.
  • Tarp, which can double up as shade or as a mat to put in front of your tent entrance so you don’t bring in dirt and vegetation.
  • Music Player/Speaker, as you will want music when you’re pre-gaming, after-partying or just chilling. 
  • Lighting gear, either a flashlight or a lantern
  • Batteries, especially for your lighting gear
  • Cooking equipment, including a small stove, pot or pan to cook food

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  • Cooler, to keep food and drinks cool
  • Cups, plates, and utensils, to eat from
  • Lock to keep your tent and other belonging secure
  • Folding Chairs because you will want to sit
  • Folding Table because it’s always easier to sit around a table

Packing Tips

As mentioned earlier, there may be other things you would like to include for your music festival packing; feel free to add them in your bag. Remember though to always pack light and compact and not bring too much stuff. Otherwise, the struggle carrying your bags to and from the venue will lessen your enjoyment in the festival.

Think carefully of the items you decide to bring and only bring the important stuff. Most importantly, make sure that the things you will bring for music festival packing lets you be prepared for anything that may happen and does not keep you from having fun.

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