A 12th Century Monastery Becomes a Music Festival Venue

Author : 6AM
March 16, 2017

A 12th Century Monastery Becomes a Music Festival Venue

With so many music festivals held each year, there is no shortage as far as the music and the experience is concerned. These festivals provide a different atmosphere and vibe that enriches the overall festival experience each of them has to offer, thanks in part to the venues they are being held in.

Since music festivals can be held anywhere, the more offbeat the venue, the more memorable the festival will be. It can held on a boat, an abandoned warehouse, or even one of these unique festival locations that we have touched upon before. Now, we can add another unique location for a music festival: a monastery.

A former monastery, to be precise, near the city of Ronda in Spain’s Andalucia region. Still, it is one location many would not even consider as a venue for something as vibrant and raw as a techno music festival. But as the pictures here show, the monastery provides a serene and stunning view that serves as a great backdrop for an event like this.





This 12th century structure will be the venue of the first ever Uva Festival, happening from June 2 to 4. This boutique festival will feature some of the talented artists in the industry such as Antal, San Proper, Greg Beato, and Donna Leake, among many others. Record label Moody’s Collective serves as the festival’s organizers.

Toclets are available only on a limited basis so it is best to get them early if you are interested in attending this festival’s inaugural edition. For more information on the festival and the tickets, check out the Uva Festival event page.

H/T: Mixmag

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