7 Things Artists Should Consider Before Outsourcing Social Media Work

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 15, 2019

7 Things Artists Should Consider Before Outsourcing Social Media Work

You’re a producer and/or DJ and your career is gaining traction. Releases are coming out on record labels and you’re getting tour playing time beyond your local scene. At one point or another you consider what to do with your social media strategy and how to take it to the next level, and naturally part of that consideration is whether to outsource the work to a professional agency or social media specialist.

If you’re ever at that point, there are some key things you should consider before outsourcing that work to a paid professional:

Understand Your Social Media Needs

This may seem obvious, but is it? What are you trying to achieve with social media in general and what are the goals you seek to reach by hiring an agency or social media specialist freelancer? Is it just the growth of your following? Is it strategy and management? Is it paid ads? Is it content creation or perhaps is it just brand awareness? Or perhaps, it’s all of these in one complete package.

So, before you even contact someone to possibly work on your social media channels, figure out what it is you want to achieve. The professional you will be inquiring to will need this information to properly assess the work that needs to be done on your channels, so having this figured out in advance is key.

Be Realistic About Your Social Media Expectations

Results on social media do not happen overnight. Each network has its own speed, rules and processes, and no matter how good the agency or professional you hire is, it will take time for the work to translate into significant changes.

Be patient and understand that long-term social media growth and brand legacy takes time to build. But if you take time to build it, you will reap the benefits down the line.

Understand Automation

Automation can be a key element of your social media strategy, and likely something that will be suggested to you as an option to consider. All automation does is what the word inherently means: it automates and speeds up a process that would otherwise be done by a person. Automation can help speed up your social media growth and community management processes, but is not a must and certainly not the right thing for everyone.

Understand the pros and cons of social media automation before making your final decision on the matter.

Know Your Target Audience First

While you don’t need to dive into the nitty gritty, knowing who you are targeting with your social media efforts is of paramount importance and it’s one of the vital pieces of information that anyone paid to work on your accounts will need.

Try to at least have a high-level understanding of your target market, which can always be modified as time goes on and your marketing efforts develop.

How Much Control Are You Willing To Let Go?

Do you want to give away full control of your social media accounts, or do you want to still be the one mostly in charge or at least contributing to regular content? These are important considerations to make, and it will be necessary for you to realize the pros and cons of giving up all or most of the control versus less.

Are You Willing To Actively Engage With Your Community?

This is where most businesses fail. The need to have a social media liaison and active community manager that is engaging your audience is becoming more important than ever these days and it’s an element of social media management that should not be overlooked.


Social media isn’t strictly and only a sales channel, although it can and should certainly lead to conversions. There is a process to social media sales which begins with impressions and brand awareness, continues through active engagement and results in a sale down the line. Failure to understand this leads to unrealistic expectations.

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