6AM Group Launches $RAVE: The First-Ever Cryptocurrency Dedicated to the House + Techno Community

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 11, 2021

6AM Group Launches $RAVE: The First-Ever Cryptocurrency Dedicated to the House + Techno Community

On Tuesday, April 13th 6AM Group will launch the first-ever cryptocurrency for the House + Techno community, the $RAVE coin!

As an experiential and digital media platform covering all facets of underground electronic music culture, resource, technology, and lifestyle, it was only time before 6AM Group entered the world of cryptocurrency.

That time has come, and we do so by launching $RAVE, the first-ever cryptocurrency for the House + Techno community.

At 6AM we are all about the decentralized concept of cryptocurrency, and the time is now right to connect the technologically advanced worlds of House + Techno with that of crypto. With the $RAVE cryptocurrency we aim to build a community that provides for the community, is controlled by the community, and is supported by us, 6AM Group. The $RAVE coin allows you, our supporters, followers and community members, to be a part of the economy and eco-system of 6AM Group alongside us.

We are the first to launch a cryptocurrency in the international House + Techno scene. There are no fees or dues for you. As a fan and $RAVE cryptocurrency holder, you are a part of the community and will be earning rewards for participating. Best yet, you don’t really need to know much or even anything about crypto to participate, and it takes just seconds to buy $RAVE coins.

The $RAVE coin will launch on Tuesday, April 13th at 10am on the Rally Network, giving you the opportunity to be a part of the 6AM eco-system. Once we launch, we will be announcing exclusive perks and rewards for $RAVE coin holders that hold a soon-to-be-announced minimum number of coins in their account, which will include first access to premiered tracks and new mixes before the general public, first dibs and discounts on all new merch on Shop by 6AM as well as exclusive merch available only for holders of the $RAVE coin. They will also have access to special channels on the 6AM Discord server where we will regularly host AMA-type conversations, and where we will announce all the perks and exclusive content available only for $RAVE coin holders.

Further, once our events are back, $RAVE holders (or HODLers) who hold a soon-to-be-announced number of $RAVE coins will have pre-sale access to tickets ahead of the general public.

If you ever decide you do not want to be a part of the $RAVE community any more, all you would have to do is cash out your $RAVE coins.

The $RAVE coin is launching on the Rally network, a community-driven platform that is pioneering a next-generation virtual economy that empowered creators to engage with their fans through cryptocurrency.

As we launch, we will be gifting $RAVE coins to our most loyal supporters, those who have stuck with us through thick and thin, supporting 6AM Group through our events, the Shop or media-driven efforts. We will also be launching special giveaways, gifting free $RAVE coins as a reward to our community.

We aim for the community to embrace the $RAVE coin as they have embraced our presence in the House + Techno world, while in the meantime we will continue to find and add opportunities for supporters to transact with the $RAVE coin, with the good of the community always top of mind.

We realize that a lot of people are new to the world of cryptocurrency, but it is an exciting new world that we are confident many more people will embrace in the months and years to come.

Important Info & Links:

The $RAVE coin launch is at 10am PST on Tuesday, April 13th on www.rally.io.

We strongly recommend that you set-up a Rally account before the launch so that you can take advantage of cheapest launch price right at 10am.

Join the 6AM Discord server by clicking here.

You will see many channels open to anyone who simply joins the server, but following the launch of the $RAVE coin those who hold the coin will automatically be added to new, exclusive channels where they will see and be able to take advantage of the benefits and perks of being a $RAVE coin holder, as well as new announcements on these benefits as we roll them out.


What is Rally?

Rally is building a Creator Coin network with community-first: economics, ownership and governance. https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/#what-is-rally

What are Creator Coins?

Creator Coins (like $RAVE) are currencies that align incentive between fans and Creators. Creators have new and more efficient monetization while fans concurrently benefit as Creators grow in popularity. This makes for an exciting and vibrant community. More info: https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/creator-tools/what-are-creator-coins

Why are you launching the $RAVE Coin?

At 6AM Group we believe in crypto’s ability to improve upon societal and operational inefficiencies. When you buy a 6AM shirt or tickets, platforms siphon your money on its way to us (3%-50%) versus Rally’s 0% rev split. This massive savings lets us provide even better experiences to our deserving community.

Further, with the $RAVE Coin we are able to create a stronger community where community members have an active voice and help mantain and create the ecosystem we are a part of. Read more: https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/creator-tools/what-are-creator-coins/what-does-rally-do-for-creators

What can I do with $RAVE Coin?

Tier 1 (Raver)

Anyone who holds at least 10 $RAVE coins will automatically classify as a 6AM Raver and will have exclusive access to private 6AM Discord server channels. Tier 1 $RAVE coin holders will have full access of their rewards and benefits via these channels, including first access to 6AM mixes and premieres before the public, download access to all 6AM mixes and first access to all Shop by 6AM apparel and merch drops before the general public, and more perks to be announced.

Tier 2 (Supporter)

Anyone who holds at least 20 $RAVE coins will automatically classify as a 6AM Supporter, and will have exclusive first access to all 6AM event tickets (except for certain collaborating events, such as COMPOUND) before the general public, as well as access to exclusive and extremely limited merch only available to Tier 2 $RAVE holders.

Further perks and rewards will be announced in the coming months.

Why should I own and keep $RAVE Coin?

As we grow, Community Activity Rewards are awarded to all $RAVE Coin holders. This means that owning $RAVE not only gives access to our offering but can also reward you in $RLY directly. More info here: https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/creator-coin/community-contribution

Can I sell my $RAVE Coin?

Your eligible $RAVE coins can be swapped into $RLY and then other Creator Coins at any time – for free. Conversion eligibility is determined by flow controls: https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/creator-coin/flow-controls

How to take $RLY to mainnet for other crypto or USD: https://wiki.rally.io/rally-io/creator-coin/bridge-out

I have more questions!

Don’t forget to check the full FAQ before asking in the $RAVE channel, please: https://rally.io/faq/