6AM NFT Store: connect your wallet or sign up to Phantom

Author : 6AM
March 30, 2022

6AM NFT Store: connect your wallet or sign up to Phantom

That’s right, we’re about to launch our NFT store this Spring season and before all that fun stuff gets launched we would like to first invite you to connect your wallet to our Holaplex account where our NFT store is being hosted. By signing up now and connecting your wallet you’ll be readily equipped to buy our NFT on launch day. We will be teasing out the various NFTs in the coming weeks to showcase what we will be delivering and the benefits of being one of our NFT collectors!

The platform we’re building our NFT on is Solana. Like Ethereum, Solana is a programmable blockchain, but it is much more energy-efficient, with low transaction fees and fast processing. We’re excited to unveil more details in the coming weeks – for now, we’ve prepared a guide to get you onboarded with Phantom, a Solana-based wallet that lets you connect to the blockchain. There are two options for using Phantom – either as a Google Chrome extension on your computer, or as a mobile app. Computer users can visit and connect to our store using Chrome or Brave browser, using the Phantom wallet browser extension. Mobile users, on the other hand, must visit the store from the browser included in the Phantom app (by clicking the “globe” icon on the bottom-right corner)

Step 1
Download phantom wallet (link to iOS App Store and google chrome store)

Step 2
Create a new wallet. For iOS users, we recommend protecting your wallet with Face ID. You will be given a 12 word “secret recovery phrase” – please keep this somewhere safe and don’t share it – anyone with these 12 words can instantly access your wallet and steal everything in it. It’s ok if you forget to write them down at first – you can find your secret recovery phrase in the ‘settings’ tab.

Step 3
Add funds (SOL) to your wallet. The easiest way is to click ‘deposit’ and then ‘Buy With MoonPay’ – you will be asked how much you’d like to purchase, and prompted for your email address and payment/personal info.

Step 4
Congratulations! Your wallet should now show the balance of SOL you purchased (minus the MoonPay fees). Please note: Moonpay can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours to process your order, so pleast be patient. Once your funds are ‘on-chain’ in your Phantom wallet, you can move them around with ease.

Step 4.5 (video)
While MoonPay is what we recommend for people who are new to  crypto, if you already use an exchange like Coinbase, Binance.US, Kraken, or Voyager, you can also send SOL from your exchange to Phantom wallet. Simply copy your wallet address from the top of phantom, and paste that into the ‘withdraw’ or ‘send’ section of your exchange app. We recommend sending a very small amount first as a test run to make sure you have the correct address.

Step 5
Send an email to crypto@6amgroup.com with your wallet address, and write “address” as the subject line. Then visit our NFT store https://6amgroup.holaplex.com and connect your wallet to our store so you’re ready to go once we launch our NFTs! Be sure to keep checking back for more info on what we’ve got in the works. We promise you won’t regret getting set up early ;)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Phantom wallet ONLY works with coins, tokens, and NFTs on the Solana Network. If you send ETH or other cryptocurrencies to your phantom address, they will be gone forever. SOL and Solana NFT’s use a different address format and are not compatible with MetaMask or other Ethereum-based wallets.