6AM Introduces New Website Layout, Artist and Industry Resource Sections and more

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 29, 2017

6AM Introduces New Website Layout, Artist and Industry Resource Sections and more

You may have already noticed in the last few weeks that the 6AM site has undergone some changes. We wanted to talk you through some of these and the reasons why they were made.

Firstly, we adopted an entire new stylistic layout which we hope makes reading our articles and navigating through our site easier on both the eye and the mind, allowing you to discover more news, features and the latest music from artists you may not have been aware of before.

The biggest change, however, comes in our direction. While 6AM has always been focused on the more “underground” sounds of electronic dance music, mostly highlighting the latest in the worlds of techno, house and sub-genres in between, we also recognize that there are far too many blog and news site doing just that, without providing any new real value to their readers. From our humble beginning in 2008 as sub-promoters in Los Angeles, we have expanded our global outreach, industry experience, and knowledge on the back of over 600 electronic music events we have personally promoted or produced, ranging from festivals and mega-clubs to intimate lounges and unique venues.

It is based off of this ever-growing learning curve that we decided to change our approach when it comes to the news and features that we provide for you, remaining loyal to the facets of underground electronic music we hold dear to our heart, while providing new and what we hope you think is exciting content in the process:

News & Features: Naturally we will still cover the latest news in the world of electronic music, hoping to enrich our content with unique features that add new and exciting layers to the type of information readily available on other sites.

Music: With focus remaining on the “underground” and offshoots there of, we will be doing away with being yet another site doing the same music release reviews on the same artists known to most listeners in this community around the world. Musically we will instead focus on exciting premieres and outings from smaller labels and producers we hope you take the time to discover, providing them with a much-needed platform to get their music to the ears of (new) fans around the world. We will also be continuing our Global Vibe Radio podcast series on SoundCloud, giving space to global and local artists alike on a more regular basis.

Events: Our mission to provide insight and information on exciting festivals and events around the world will continue, with a fresh approach to underscoring aspects and elements of these that you may not known before, including up-and-coming debuting festivals,  new venues, “undercard” bookings and the like.

(NEW) Artist Resources: This is one of our two brand-new sections, delivering on our promise to give back to the community that has given us so much over the years. 6AM’s team is comprised of producers and DJs just like many of our readers are, and we realize, perhaps more than anyone, that without the artistry and the music none of us would be here in the first place. This new section is for you: a never-ending source of information, insight, advice and tips to help you establish yourself and grow as an artist in your local area and beyond. Here you will find features, know-how and how-to articles as well as guest posts from recognized artists in their own field that will provide as a guide for your progress as a producer and/or DJ. The articles contained herein are not, however, just limited to music production or the skills being DJing. We understand that in today’s world, artists need to navigate through a series of fields where knowledge on a myriad of subjects is important, from social media to in-person marketing, technology to touring, and a lot more in between. The Artist Resource section will provide invaluable information on all of this and beyond, giving you the tools to be recognized for the talent you possess and hone through countless hours of hard work.

(NEW) Industry Resources: The second new section on 6AM addresses anything and everything that has to do with the electronic music industry. This is the hub where you will find vital information on how to run a club, organize warehouse parties, run a festival social media team, operate budgets, write business plans, and a million other important skill sets to make you win in the nightlife and festival industry we ourselves are a part of. Industry resource articles contain information sourced by industry professionals for industry professionals, with the aim of making you win and succeed in your field of choice.

We hope you like the changes we have made, and that you find use from the resources we have provided and will continue to provide in the months and years to come. We value our experience in this industry and everything it has given us, which is why we strive to give back to newcomers and veterans alike so they too can find joy and success in navigating through the mostly uncharted waters of the electronic music world.

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