6AM Guest Mix: Time Traveler

Time Traveler
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 27, 2020

6AM Guest Mix: Time Traveler

Born under the name of Michele Pinna, and son of Francesco and Anna Maria Vecchi, Time Traveler is the head of Pls.UK alongside peers 27ōhm and FLmm. Today, Time Traveler unleashes a specially-curated and exclusive Guest Mix, which we present to you alongside a chat we recently had with him.

Earlier this month, Time Traveler released his seven-track T-RAVE-LER EP on vinyl and digital, via Pls.UK. Pls.UK is a London-based techno label with output ranging from analogue timbres to digital design.

Listen to 6AM Guest Mix: Time Traveler below and read on for the interview.

Ciao Michele, very nice speaking to you today and thank you for the mix! Can you tell us a little about where you put your last release together and what your mood was during that process?

Hello Marco, really glad to give my little contribution to the channel. It was last summer, and

I did not write the T-RAVE-LER release in a proper music’s studio as probably a lot of people think, the tracks have been drafted at home in a kitchen. Laptop and headphones were my tools during the few evenings that I was really inspired. I have a full-time job as Project Manager and Architect, so these days I have not much time to produce, it can happen that I spend months not writing music. The bright side is when I am sitting to produce I have a lot of energy and inspiration comes like a river, in floods. As usual, I try to give all my music a meaning and the tracks pair one and other cuz they come from the same concept or idea.

So, after the first tracks draft, I kept on polishing the sound program on the synths line and carving the edit. When the tracks were almost finished, for few of them I spent a couple of weeks checking all details until being completely satisfied. For some others I have been that lucky to be happy about the result after a few hours. Since I moved in London I do not have a proper studio, so after my writing and mixing in a very rough and simple home studio I send all my stems for proper mixing and mastering to my Sound Engineer (DLEWIS at LRS factory), in my view one of the best in Europe.

What do you hope it communicates to listeners?

This EP is entirely dedicated to the loving memory of my best friend passed away. It is full of mixed feelings, anger, energy and I hope it communicates what I had going on that time I been writing it. Also as the subtitle says “Hard to believe people who claim they are Time Traveler” stands for a clear message to all of those during these years tried to pickpocket from what I do and the way I do.

Is this EP a representation of what you play in front of a crowd, or at least what you would play if parties were still happening as they were before Coronavirus?

Totally is, I am very detached from the sound I proposed with my first Time Traveler Album, it was more industrial and dark, but was also written long time ago and my feelings at the time were different. T-RAVE-LER is absolutely what I would propose on a “gig”. I tried to reveal the UK jungle, acid and raw background I carry with me, mixing that to my usual sound.

While on the subject of Coronavirus, how has it affected you and your career? How different are your days now compared to before?

If we are talking about gigging, absolutely didn’t. I was not gigging before I am not doing now (laughs). On my private life, yes, a lot changed, as for everyone. I am missing the busy London nights.

Can you tell us a little about where you were born and how was life growing up there?

I was born and bred in Cagliari, Sardinia. Compared to a big Metropolis it is less than a borough, in the late ’90s and early 2000 we had there a bit of a club scene then all clubs slowly closed. Luckily I had the chance to travel a lot so my personal music background is not really related to my city, but I owe a lot to Cagliari, because as a proper tough southern city it forged me to be able to face anyplace.

How did you discover techno?

I was actually in London in ’99 whilst a summer college experience, I was 14 and one night I literally escaped for a rave party in Hackney. It was the first time I listened playing the Stay UP Forever Guys, Chris, Sterling , Aaron. During another night break-out on the same week I had my first party where The Baron was playing. I am very grateful to all of them as they have been a big influence on me from that year and for being good friends of mine now, that’s what techno does… it connects people.

Was your family supportive of your choice to be so involved with techno, electronic music and nightlife?t

Considering my attitude always been very healthy and straight-edge, they have been very supportive, especially my father even if was something really new to him. He has always been there asking to listen to what music I produced or very proud when I had gigs in some of the best European clubs.

At some point you decided to move to London, why was that?

In 2017 I was in Berlin to play a gig and I met FLMM, we were part of the same lineup. I was living in Rome at the time, very sick of Italy and we get along very good that night, so the day after I decided to move to London and start collaborating with him. Here we are both representing the London techno scene as Pls.UK Captains.

How would you compare your life back at home in Italy versus living in London?

I am really glad I did this move. London is one of the most inspiring cities I have lived in.

How about the food?

I am Italian mate (laughs)! I don’t really mind London’s food, here you can buy anything you want. I cook my spaghetti at home the same as in Italy (laughs).

London is a city with a huge, diverse electronic music scene. How active are you within it?

I try to attend all as much as I can. Valuable parties, as everywhere there are lot of good parties, so I do my best to support when possible.

What are some of the collectives, parties and venues that are in, your opinion, doing good things in London? Why?

I can tell you some of my favourites are Superstition at Village Underground, a good friend of mine is one of the heads behind this cool project, A. B. Aka Tapefeed. Natural Selection is another great party ran by Michael Kodah. They are my favourite not only because of the party’s mood but also for the music selection and artists involved in the lineups.

Outside of the techno scene, what do you like to do in the city?

I use to spend a lot of time walking around and finding inspiration from London’s streets vibes. I attend a lot of exhibitions and of course nice time in bars and pubs with my crew.

What are some of your favorite and/or hidden spots?

I love East London where we all are based as Pls.UK crew. Hackney Wick is one of my favourite spot for all the warehouses and nice vibe you can get there.

Name one hobby/passion you have that isn’t music-related!

I love to paint and design, is actually my main passion besides music.

What’s your favorite meal?

Pumpkin risotto.

What is the one country you want to travel to as soon as lockdowns are over?

East Europe, planning a trip to visit my favourite Brutalism Architecture sites.

We are now in the second half of 2020, but the world and our industry facing some tough months ahead. What projects do you have going on and how do you plan to keep busy in the months to come?

We are launching a lot of new projects, a label apparel line designed by me and the Pls.UK guys, a label showcase project via streaming and lot of new music… we try to keep on going no matter what.


Thank you!

Time Traveler T-RAVE-LER EP is out via Pls.UK and available on Bandcamp

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