6AM Guest Mix: Squaric

Author : Skylar Schossberger
April 18, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: Squaric

Buenos Aires-raised and Barcelona-based artist Squaric was born from the research and creation of new movements in the earthly. The movements that are transmitted by the connections of radiation and particles. Inspired by the Detroit sound of the 1980s, Squaric began to experiment with IDM sounds always keeping Techno in mind.

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Once established in Barcelona he developsd his ideas and concepts for music. He played in the best clubs and festivals in the world, such as: Tresor Berlin, Griessmühle, About Blank, Contact Tokyo, Razzmatazz Barcelona, BRET, HOL0 NY, Under Club Buenos Aires, Radion Amsterdam, KGR Tokyo, Vofol Seul, Agglomerant Moscow, Fuchs2 Prague, Utopia Madrid, and many more. Squaric is also the founder of Diffuse Reality and Teorema Festival.

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