6AM Guest Mix: Sparrow & Barbossa

Sparrow & Barbossa
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
September 17, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Sparrow & Barbossa

6AM welcomes Sparrow & Barbossa the multicultural duo to this week’s Guest MixBryan Coletta (Sparrow) being Swiss and Emiliano Haberli (Barbossa) being Uruguayan, the duo has been creating a fusion between organic and electronic progressive sounds. These organic and electronic progressive sounds have created a positive resonance due to their international influences. Despite their age difference and their different cultural backgrounds, they have proven otherwise that their friendship and artistry are the “best of both worlds.” While Emiliano can craft and fine-tune rhythmic parts, Bryan adds the fresh innovativeness of modern sounds and melodies.

Bryan and Emiliano are true lovers of ethnic and lost cultures, as well as have devoted their time to connect this cultural appreciation through their music. Cultures leave behind legacies, and, for them, creating electronic music can be a way to leave a lasting impression. Check out how this duo injects their Latin culture into dance music while listening to their Guest Mix.

We’re happy to have you as part of our unique Guest Mix series honoring Latin voices in the music space this month. Acknowledging Latin American countries have roots in Europe, are there any Spanish or Latin-American artists who’ve played an influential role in your career?

The question is more, which one hasn’t? Barbossa is from Uruguay and grew up with Latin music from a very young age. Inspiration ranging from Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades, Tania Maria, Astor Piazolla, Louie Vega, Joe Clausell, to mention only a few.

Do you feel the dance music community could use a little bit more Latin flavors and see more Latin-American artists at the helm of the scene?

We agree with this, but we also think that Latin influences are more present than ever in the electronic music ecosystem, and we are pleased about it. We are also genuinely devoted to continuing to contribute to this Latin House genre in the upcoming years.

Listen: 6AM Guest Mix – Sparrow & Barbossa


Your music has very distinctive cultural elements (listening to your album Seven Seas is evident). Is this something you were intentional about when first starting, or did it naturally happen?

It just naturally happens. Being both musicians with very different cultures and origins (Uruguay for Barbossa, Morroco, France, Italy, and Switzerland for Sparrow), we think this just translated into our art. We are very proud of this and don’t plan on losing any time soon.

What’s your favorite piece of gear or element of a track?

For Sparrow as a pianist, any keyboard, synth, Rhodes, Organ, or real piano, he can hit on pretty much anything for Barbossa as a percussionist!

From when you first started to now, what has been one of your greatest lessons?

Production-wise, one of our biggest lessons is that producers HAVE to rest and recharge inspiration tanks periodically. With the virus, we’ve been closed in the studio for months and started to feel a lack of inspiration, but when we went on our Seven Seas American tour and came back, this had changed entirely.

“Touring-wise, we would say the importance of resting between gigs and sleeping every second we have because the traveling rhythm can be very tough and sometimes insane.”

Rejuvination is key, taking care of the body in between gigs is vital for great health.

Sparrow & Barbossa

Goals, everyone has them. How are you defining them in your artist journey?

Our goal is the same as it always has been: Transmit the legacy of as many ethnic cultures as we can through electronic music for as many people as possible to enjoy. We have often received feedback that our music is healing or helping them out in a rough patch. We hope we can keep on doing this for many people.

What can listeners expect from the unique mix you curated for the occasion?

As it is a Latin special, we added some extra Latin spice to it and some of our productions. We truly hope you will enjoy this adventure with us and that it will motivate the listeners to come to see us live!

Anything else you’d like to share?

We want to thank you for the opportunity with this guest mix! Sending big hugs to the team from Madrid with love!


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