6AM Guest Mix: SILA

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 10, 2020

6AM Guest Mix: SILA

SILA is a futuristic producer and composer who delivers multi-genre music as an experimental art form. Operating out of Moscow and Berlin, SILA runs Not For Fun Records label with a focus on non-commercial and modern music genres which aspire to move their listeners forward through mechanical stereotypes to an irrational state of mind. All set to push the experimental stage forward SILA returns to drop his second solo release on Not For Fun records following 2018’s Aeterna EP.

At first glance, the 3 tracks from new Lovejoy EP may seem like classical dance hits, the type that could fit any proper rave or big sound system dance-floor, but true to his shamanic high-end productions of dope kicks-killers, nasty snares, Avant-garde outerworld harmonies and experimental rhythms, hypnotic mystic stones falling across three stories of Lovejoy, presenting a much futuristic pandora box of intellectual broken techno, oversaturated groovy electro and mental dub to make your rave trip full of epic emotions and psychedelic explorations.

1. Lovejoy – Might be the main banger on the record. Based on a broken techno vibe, its postmodern electronica and indie electronic sound hypnotically drives you to dance, giving you a deep dive into a positive rave trip.

2. Morse – In this hypnotically multilayered expressionism track SILA talks about polyphonic and polyrhythmic roots of Africa, which influenced all modern electronic music. Sound flaws from oversaturated ambient techno to rave classics.

3. Aberration. Track aberrates a dub techno sound to some sunny summer mood. A very syncopated and easy-going vibe hides the main bass line flowing away in a complicated rhythm and a main synths starting polyrhythmic mental dance in the second half of the track.

Check out SILA’s latest Lovejoy EP HERE.

Enjoy SILA’s exclusive Guest Mix for 6AM below!

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