6AM Guest Mix: Secret Raver

Author : Mark Grossane
March 20, 2023

6AM Guest Mix: Secret Raver

Based in NYC and Born in Cali Colombia, Secret Raver A.K.A. John Dikxon was first exposed to music as a child by his grandfather, who played guitar and piano. He started collecting cassette tapes by acts like Pet Shop Boys, Surgeon, and Depeche Mode. By age 14, he enjoyed house music at garage parties. He became interested in DJing, and in 2004 he started visiting more formal clubs.

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After discovering techno by way of performances by the likes of James Ruskin and Surgeon, he never looked back. John first worked as a promoter for event organizers before officially starting his own DJ career in 2008. He adopted the alias Secret Raver in 2012 and in 2013 he was able to travel to Australia for work.

He then raised enough money to buy his own DJ equipment. Followed by returning to Colombia, whose active techno scene allowed him to shut out the distractions of society and focus singularly on his craft. He would go on to play clubs in Medellin as well as performing alongside Luis Flores and Developer at ELIPTICA CLUB in Cali.

2016 saw Secret Raver team up with a group of fellow Colombian promoters on the first-ever Shift Festival. 22 artists performed at the intimate gathering, which provided a necessary outlet for the local techno community during an otherwise trying time. The following year, Secret Raver organized a second installment of Shift with the help of only one other partner. He then traveled to Europe and studied the underground scenes of Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Secret Raver moved to Brooklyn in 2019 and brought Shift with him, organizing warehouse parties throughout NYC. Mark Broom, The Advent, Tensal, Temudo, Alex Bau, Ambivalent, 138, Young Male, Deepak Sharma, Fadeface, Federico Holden, Giovani are among the artists with whom he’s performed at these gatherings. Original Secret Raver music has also landed on various labels.

In 2018, his hypnotic single “Track00” appeared on the album Sounds Of The Universe through the Colombian label Alss. In 2020, he expanded on his signature psychedelic sound with the three-track Radial Space EP followed by the clever noise of V.A. Rave Compilation Pt. 2 on Techno Brooklyn Records. 2021 saw him deliver a song titled “La Orden del Aro” for Planet X Records and 2022 his single Ep stellar Connections.

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